Alex and Chocolate

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by Easy Money, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    They are actually pretty good together.:bigclap:
  2. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Alex did a great job today with Choc. I may be the only one, but I still like the combo of Postman and Choc. They make me laugh and I love the stories that Choc tells from the old days.
  3. Les2

    Les2 Member

    Yep, your right you are the only one......:yesshake:
  4. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    LOL!! You meanie!!! Don't be a hater !!!! ;)
  5. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    I try to catch Alex whenever he's on a show. I thinks he's fantastic and always brightens up the show. Very funny with a positive attitude.

    The guy needs his own show. I only wish I had the power to give it to him. He deserves it.

    Bravo Alex!!!:yesshake:
  6. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Wrong, I like em all!:smug:
  7. Rocket 88

    Rocket 88 New Member

    Listening to Trading Paint on satellite radio, I listened to Chocolate tell the listening audience that if the highly paid nascar drivers dont want to be interviewed by the media then they should find another job and should be driving at local tracks not in nascar. Now I wonder when it is that nascar has become a three ringed circus and the drivers just a bunch of clowns (no pun Carl Edwards). Has nascar become a show not a race? Are the drivers just actors now? Wow, and I always thought it was about the worlds best stock car drivers. Boy was I wrong or was I? I have been a fan for forty years and I never thought racing would become a joke and the race just for tv ratings. I never thought a exgascan jockey radio personality would tell me who should or should not be a nascar driver because of the drivers personality. Trading paint should change the name of its show to trading whines. We need some real race enthusiasts talking nascar not has been washups. Having said that, do you know the difference between chocolate and shinola?
  8. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    Same response as the other thread.
  9. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    Unless it's required by NASCAR to do a press interview, it's well within their right to ignore the media.

    It might not be the proper thing to do, but it certainly is within their right.

    I've been following auto racing since I was a kid. It has only been in the last 12 years that the media attention on the drivers has been this huge.

    Years ago you might get an interview from Richard Petty after he crashed out of a race.

    Now, popular drives have a mic & camera shoved in their face just as soon as they walk out of the infield care center.

    Even Dale Sr would avoid the media. He'd walk along pit road & answer a question or two, then do a column left into the pits, leaving reports no chance to catch up with him.

    In my honest opinion, we're getting way too much info from TV just to make the rating stay up.

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