AlarmTunes 2.0 Update Now Out!!


New Member
Jun 29, 2009
We are absolutely pleased to announce our biggest update to AlarmTunes yet (version 2.0), now available in the App Store.

As with previous updates, we have really focused on the top requested features from customers (and forum members!) in a continuous effort to optimize the user experience and meet the needs of existing and future customers.

Below is a brief description of the latest features and enhancements.

Enhanced Scheduling Options
- Ability to specify when an alarm should go off including options for weekdays only, weekends only, everyday, or once.

UI Improvements
- Fresh new design and streamlined interface
- New status bar used to display date, alarm status, and battery level
- New "Grid" theme (can be changed in settings)

Album Art
- Thumbnail image of the current album being played within the clock interface
- Optional as background image when alarm goes off (turn on in settings)

Additional Features and Fixes
- Get current battery level information by touching battery status icon
- Use the audio from any video media file as alarm (including video podcasts, music videos, etc.)
- 12/24 hour clock preference saved to memory
- Option to always override auto-lock setting so screen stays on (turn on in settings)
- Fixed issue with podcasts not being properly recognized

We hope you enjoy the latest update and as always we definitely appreciate your feedback!