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    She passed away a while ago.
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    Good luck Koop.

    You're a good (35 year old) kid.
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    I had to do a double take on this to make sure I read it right. If his dad's WiFi passed away, it's time to get a new router. :)
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    Yes, both his place offers it as part of the monthly fees and he still pays for Comcast WiFi on his own just for me cause it's better for all my TV and movie downloading shenanigans.

    You're right, and he currently lives in a place that offers those services. Right now he is in independent living which means he basically lives in a condo like me but has nursing/security/maintenance staff here round the clock if called upon. The next step is OBT which is assisted living. It's between independent and nursing care. It's actually quite nice. It's in a different building in the complex and he would get a private room but instead of only having a nurse when he calls for it, now nurses and aides are making rounds 24/7. He would lose having a kitchen, be monitored if he wanted to leave to play cards or do any of that social stuff he likes and generally be less independent. The step after that is the Willowbrook Court, the nursing home. It's still in the same complex but that place is a huge bummer. For a nice upper-middle class joint my dad is currently in, that nursing facility still sucks. And he would have to share a room. It's more or less a hospital. I guess there is no way to make them all that great no matter your financial standing.

    Along with all that the residents are also permitted to hire outside aides/nurses while they are in independent living. Like what Hectic mentioned a few posts back. Some have them come by daily, some have a few of them that are live-in. Lots of the people do that cause no one wants to go to OBT and certainly not the nursing facility. So I figure I'll be Hendrik's hired aide from now on.

    For around the last half of 08 my mom got really bad and my dad managed to care for her. She got way worse than I expect the old man to ever get. She was bedridden and he moved a hospital bed into the living room of their condo with these like balloons in the mattress to inflate and deflate at random times to prevent bed sores. He had to do all the really gross stuff that comes with being bedridden and managed to do it all. It was totally due to his efforts that she never even went to OBT and died in her own home in independent living.

    And he was 80 when he did all that.

    It gives the old man piece of mind to know he won't have to go through the stress of a move.

    I certainly think I am capable of doing a less intensive version of what he did for my mom. And that's exactly what I intend to do.
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    Sounds like you've got a plan.

    Oh, and get the guy a new WiFe if you're going to be a good house guest.
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    I am a bad son.

    It's the end of week 6 of #RetirementLife. Remember when I said this in my Disney thread:

    Well got home (to Dad's home) after work tonight and really wasn't feeling it. My days off are Sun and Mon and I guess I didn't know how much I needed my weekly Disney trips to cleanse my palate of the situation I am currently in. I did the normal chores I do every night...set up all the stuff for him to go to bed and then decided that I couldn't stay there tonight. He was off playing cards so I waited for him to get back and asked if he would be ok with me spending tonight and Sun night at my place. Even asking is kinda selfish cause I know the kindly old man would never say no. So of course he said it was fine and I went home and that's where I am now. This is my first night in 6 weeks in my own bed. It's nice. But I can't help but feel horrible guilt. Tonight better not be the night he falls over or dies. That would be the worst. Whatever, I know it's not a huge deal to leave for 2 nights but while I'm really happy to be home, it feels wrong.

    Also, in a funny aside, I have an ongoing joke with him where I am constantly telling him not to die or congratulating him on not dying. Like when I leave for work I say, "Love you dad, don't fall over and don't die." or when he wakes up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I'll say, "Good job staying alive" and stuff like that. I do all this because he often tells me he thinks he won't last much longer so WTF else am I going to do? May as well make it kinda funny. Tonight as I was leaving I told him that I would be very mad at him if he died while I was gone. And he is mostly deaf so I have to be loud when talking to him.

    Well as I was walking out the door I saw his neighbor had a guest (probably her adult child) walking into her apartment. I heard him say something like, "Do you know that guy? Why is he saying that?" HAHAH!!!

    Anyway, whatever, I'll get back to my #RetirementLife on Monday.
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    #RetirementLife took an interesting turn just now.

    The old man called 911 by accident. He can't hear for shit so when I heard it was 911 on the other end I told him to tell them he dialed the wrong number. Well, about 20 mins later a cop shows up at his door. I guess they heard me yelling at him and wanted to make sure everything was ok. Really it's a good thing that they do that. In this case it was a big waste of time for the cop. I told him what happened and my dad confirmed it and he left. He was only here for like 20 seconds.

    But this is not good for my dad. You can get away with that once or twice at his place but if it becomes a pattern they might start thinking about forcing him into assisted living and that would negate the whole reason I'm here. I told him that going forward when he wants to call someone he should just tell me and I'll dial and hand the phone back to him.
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    I heard Martha Stewart is on jdate. Your dad could do with a girlfriend.
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    They should never have made it "dial 9 to get an outside line".
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    Isn't Koop's dad and Betty White around the same age? I think that would be a better couple.
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