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Discussion in 'Windows' started by out of control, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. I am running XP. I'm using the current version of firefox browser. The other day computer alerted me to update to flash 10. I had noticed today I was missing buttons on various web sites. Not a lot, but some were clearly missing. I reverted back to flash 9 and sure enough the buttons are back !
    Anyone else notice this after a flash upgrade to 10 ?

    To uninstall flash player see this
    How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

    You can download an old version of flash player 9 from this
    Macromedia Flash Player -
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    You'll want to figure out a way to get your Flayer player updated, as Adobe recently announced a new exploit. I'm no security guru, but am being directed by my companies security guys to get the new version on all our computers ASAP.
  3. Well I just noticed when I log into my account on NHL gamecenter live. When I click on the "watch now" button. It will not do anything with flash 9 anymore for some reason. I went back to flash 10, and now the "watch now" button is working as it should. As I need that button to work to watch the games so I guess I am staying in 10 :idunno:
  4. I see the reader 8.1.2 has some security issues. So I bumped up to .3 Looks like a version 9 is available as well. Both 8.1.3 and 9 don't have the security issues reported in .2
    With flash 10 installed the buttons that were missing in my computer before seem to be active for now anyway. :idunno: :idunno:

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