"a little sentimental"


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Oct 16, 2008
New York, New York
I have a few questions with regards to "Sirius Backstage Archive"

Is it open and can anyone participate if they want to, and if so is it done the same way ??
If so maybe help will be on the way, (he-he)

Also ( and this will be a little embarrassing) just how long has it been up, please don't tell me "for a very long time", if so, so much for being aware of things going around meeeeeeee :rolleyes:

When I was in there I have to say what I saw was totally amazing - I read some of the old "Post's" and I really did get sentimental in doing so.

I don't think that I read one that was not a big part of what made "Sirius" not just about the music.

People let their feelings out to names without faces and then of cause some of the faces did come to be seen. Great both ways

So if anyone would please get back to me to let me know if we can "Post" or if it is only for the really good memories to be read over again

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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