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    I got a Starmate 5 over Xmas. This radio supposedly allows for the option of a-la-cart programming. However, when I go in to my online account and choose to renew or change package, ALL of the A-la-cart options are greyed out and unavailable to choose from. There is a banner like message over each a-la-cart option that states the following:

    "This package is not compatible with your current radio"

    I've contacted CS only once and the person seemed to be at a loss as to why. They "escalated" the problem, but that was about a month ago. I have not heard back from them or seen an improvement. Is anybody else having the same problem/issue?
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    I have not heard of any reports from people like this. I don't have much experience with the A La Carte packaging or selection, so I can't even begin to reason why that is happening to you. But this is the right place to ask a questions like this. Good luck and I'll watch this thread to make sure we get you some help.
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    If you want ot talk to someone that has a clue at SXM you must say "cancellation department" just say it wont work and you need to cancel- the problem will get solved right then and there. Be sure and get credit for your lost listening. (sometimes they give credit for a month at 12.99 = 2 months alacarte.
    When, if you call please do us all a favor and tell them
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    Yea, its not a huge deal right now cause I am subscribing to the "Best of XM" package & will probably keep it for some time here anyway, but if I want to change it in the future, I don't want it to be a hassle. The funny thing too is that I got the radio directly from them & through their own website. It was during the Xmas specials they had running back in Dec. ($45). So its not like I got it from some other vendor and there would be a chance for miscommunicating the type of receiver it was back to SIRIUS HQ.

    The ONLY thing I can think of that might be causing this is that it came with 3 months of "Best of XM" & that is what I have on it right now. I activated it with this promo offer & I'm wondering if I have to essentially wait till that promotional period ends. Then maybe the a-la-cart options will be accessible & available to choose from. We'll maybe see toward the end of March I guess.
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    I suspect the radio is mis-classified in their database. I recall some early SL2 users had the same issue getting their premium WiFi set up as the system did not recognize their ESNs as SL2s.

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