A Kia Soul for under $30?


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Oct 7, 2008
Interesting article about the website Beezid.com which has recently started advertising on the Howard Stern Show.

Paul (username howard) from Hamilton won a* Kia Soul at auction for $26.56.

His relentlessness and strategy of constantly bidding on top rather than waiting for the last few seconds paid off in a big way with a new car! That’s not all that Paul has picked up from Beezid. After hearing about us on the Howard Stern Show, he decided to take a shot and bought a bid pack. His shot paid off! Implementing the strategies available to all users in the help section, and his unwillingness to give up has put him in a position where with minimal spending, he scored an iMac, Call of Duty (with 1 bid!), and a Macbook. Along with the Kia, his total final auction prices amounted to an unbelievable $47.27 for all that great stuff!! Part of his strategy is chasing down those Bid For Free auctions and loading up his account, but aside from his bids placed on the car, he had only spent an amazing 19 bids on winning those auctions! Way to go Paul!! If you’re interested on how he did it, look for our upcoming winner’s circle page where we’ll have a chance to pick his brain.

The interesting part of the announcement is that Paul who heard about the site on Sterns Show has the user name Howard.

Auction 2011 Toyota Prius II

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Mar 11, 2009
Pittsburgh PA
Just want to comment. I have no clue if Beezid.com is legit or not so if you decide to sign up for an account or if you want to know more about them you will have to look around.

If you do use the site I would love to hear if it works or if you have won anything. Seems interesting.