a Craigs list scammers e-mail


Oct 25, 2008
Charleston SC
This is from a guy that contacted us 1 day after posting a computer for sale on craigs list

Subj: Payment will be deliver this morning,,Need you urgent Response asap now!!!!!!

Hello John,

I am Really sorry to get back to you with the tracking number late,The secretary just sent the Number to me this morning and she also contacted the ups and they told her the package gonna deliver to you this morning,I need to rush online to give you this Tracking number so that you be expecting the UPS.The tracking number is
(****** ) via UPS.COM.

But there would be a little Help i would like you to render for me, I contacted the shipper that would be coming to pick-up the (COMPLETE WINDOWS XP COMPUTER PENTIUM 4 ) in your location to be ready, And i was so surprised as they insisted that their payment need to be paid before they come for the pick-up in your location and other item they are picking up for me in other location, They told me this on Monday Night, and i told them that i would send them a check to cover up all the pick-up payment, But they insisted that the money need to be paid in cash and via western union before service, i tried to pleaded but they wouldn't listen to me, and i don't have any
cash left with me here which to be paid to them as i told you earlier that am on official trip, the only way i can pay is by check.....So i decided to contact the Secretary to send you a check that would cover up the shipping cost and the item am buying from you,since the shipper insisted on cash payment via western union and honestly i don't have the cash here, I don't know how Honest you are as am little worried about this.I should have Tell you all this , But i was not Happy at all due to the Bad Incidence happened to my partner.

To make this cleared to you, the check on the way to you has cover up the shipping cost and the item am buying from you, all you need when you get the check is just for you to cash it and deduct the amount for the item and also deduct sum of $60 for your running around also deduct the $40 for the best offer as i promised and send the rest to my shipper via western union.The check is sum of $2900.

$60 for your running Around
$40 for the Best offered as i Promised
$2500 Remaining would be sent to the shipper via western union.

The Western Union Fee will be Deducted from the $2500 you are sending to the shipper.

The shipper information you would need to send the money via western union is as below.

ADDRESS...........600 Broadway dr,
ZIP CODE..........95832

And make sure you get back to me with the western union details as soon as you send the money, such as..

sender's name
Total amount sent
(M T C N) Number
The current Pick-up Address

Your phone Number where the shipper can call you when they are on the way to your location. Please i really want you to be honest with me,It is so hard to find a honest person this days, But i just believe this transaction would works out Fine, I believe nobody would ever shit on me since i have never shit on anyone in my whole
Life. So you get my Back.Please do get back to me as soon as you get my message now so as to know how
you gonna Handle everything asap today ,The money you are sending to them was not meant for only pick-up in your location, I still have some other item they Needs to Pick-up for at other state, which my family really need for the this weekend.

Thanks and i would be waiting to hear from you.I Want you to make this done today so that the shipper can come for the Pick-up tomorrow morning .

Happy New Year to all your Family.

Yvette Adams.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
So he expects you to give him your computer + $2500? Where were you shipping it to?

I wonder how many people fall for this.