8/9/2018: Uncensored Show

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    Indeed...NOT a Ned and Bubba Show.

    If I Should Die Before I Wake by Notorious B.I.G. opening it up into FTE.

    Bubba hoping they were clear after that Biggy song and all that and if they're not clear, it's too late. Tony Dungy on tomorrow and Ned is feeling good. Bubba hoping they'd finish up the rest of yesterday's Ned deal. Ned looks hot and feels hot. Bubba complementary of Ned's fake beard. Ned's seltzer water in the fridge exploded and blew it all up. Ned blamed it on Trace.

    Playing Ned's deal and he messed up, but tried to pull it off like he didn't. They were on the backside and the last 30 seconds and Ned messed it up. Ned likes to talk out of the side of his mouth. Bubba asked if Ned had a stroke in the 70s and Ned thinks he had a rusty coat hanger deal. Ned talks out of the right side of his mouth and Bubba tried a Ned impression and can't do it.

    Ned says he has medium nipples and his flannel is way too big...really projecting there.

    Bubba got turgent over Ned's song about being turgent. Ned can never tell with Bubba if it's a shoot. Bubba says he's been way cooler lately.

    Playing a video with a guy in an Iron Man suit and Bubba says the guy looks like a douche. Bubba talking about his mom's nails.

    Bubba playing a video about sex bots and says we can't see it on Twitch. He says it's a little crazy.

    Bubba wants Alexa to say "present" and she won't do that and that would get Manson blasted by the teacher back in the day.

    Bubba wants to order a sex doll and Alexa won't do that.

    After a back and forth, Alexa says here and ready to help and that could have fooled Bubba.

    She gives a brief Wikipedia of Bubba and he says that's all he wished people knew of him.

    He doesn't know who Janeycakes is. Bubba thinks she's patronizing him. She does know about Roots the movie.

    Talking about a guy in a boat who gets too close to some rocks and he and his girl both get tossed out. Her hair got tied in the motor and she scalped. They had to detangle her on shore. Playing a news clip and commenting on it. The guy who tried to save them is a hero and a real dude.

    Bubba wants to buy them a new boat. Talking about small boats having tethers so if you fall out, the engine dies.

    Talking about jetskiing with Febreezey.

    The newscaster saying "to his horror" but it sounds like "to his whore" and they goof on that.

    Bubba thinks they should buy her some wigs, but wonders if that would be distasteful.

    Bubba says the newscasters aren't describing it good.

    Playing a positioning statement about not being able to take comments of the BTLS show staff seriously.

    The girl wasn't breathing for a while, but it's a miracle she didn't die. Florida wildlife is investigating.

    New deal about how regular cows wouldn't attack anyone and the news story about how the people fleeing from the cops got chased by cows. The cops got one of them. Infra-red got the cows. Bubba and Ned both say the cows are all excited for some 3am action.

    Bubba wants to put Tuddle in a cow pasture at 3am. Tuddle would be down for that.

    Glue-on eyebrows are all the rage now. Playing some YouTube deal with a guy with no eyebrows and he wants "brow-wigs" of human hair for people to use as wigs. Commenting on the person making the video and Manson says the guy is an attention whore. Everyone has to outfreak the other. The guy looks really feminine. The guy is all hyped up for Ru Paul's DragCon... The staff want to send Trace and Tuddle. Tuddle says he's scraping the barrel. Ned says the nails would feel good on Trace's nuts.

    Bubba asking if the guy is into girls or guys. Manson says the guy is possible pansexual. Talking about Bruce Jenner and what he's got and Ned getting a bit steamy.

    Talking about Ruby Rose androgeny.

    Tuddle says it's ruined with all the tattoos. Talking about how JaneyCakes would deal if Bubba had a girl who had a lot of tattoos.

    Caller has heat with Bubba. No issues, doesn't listen to Bubba, but just wants to pop Bubba in the lip. Bubba says he'll be at BRP. Bubba says the guy is white trash and probably into his own sister. The guy basically admits to being white trash.

    Bubba reminds the guy of Florida's "stand your ground" laws and the caller says he's going to be there...he wants witnesses on Facebook and all that. Bubba says hyping it up on Facebook is white trash.

    Interviewing the guy...52 kids, no wife, no daughter. The caller says he could be dating Bubba's wife or sister. Two strikes. The guy doesn't have a job, but could be a dealer.

    Ned wonders what kind of dick he has and the caller and Ned go into a on-air dick-off.

    The caller likes wrestling but he isn't a groupie. The caller is practically jerking himself to kicking Bubba's ass.

    Bubba wondering how much he has going on in life if all he's doing is wondering about kicking Bubba's ass. Ned basically calls him out for having no content.

    Talking smack to the white trash dude about doing sisters. The caller says Ned has clap of the mouth.

    Turning it into the Florida civil war. Ned says you can smell him coming with all the poopydick this guy has.

    Bubba turned the heat around on the guy. The caller says Bubba is practically begging for calls because he's the one with the radio station.

    The caller hangs up and Bubba gonna call him back... The caller says "if it was my phone, you wouldn't be talking to me like this." He tries the mom-smack and it falls flat. Bubba tossing some heat.

    The caller says Bubba sucked Ned's dick...Bubba says Ned's was the best and Ned says Bubba was top 3.

    White trash caller says he's gonna call in every day for updates... Bubba says he has a 450-lb dude named Elwood who would kick anyone's butt at 6 ft 5.

    Bubba thinks it's a regular caller pranking them and he's about to wrap it up. He has to go donate blood.

    712 people and wondering if they should stop. Ned wonders how they could top the caper that was the last deal.

    Bubba calls white trash guy and wants to give his phone number out on the air. Talking about that...the caller won't agree and Bubba asks if Ned the guy is a poser.

    Bubba talks to the guy whose phone it really is and he's Bubba Army. Recapping the call with the phone's owner and how they reversed the heat.

    New caller with a terrible connection...gets it better and he thinks he can fix Bubba's shoulder issues. This thing is a pipe with a weight on the end...$209.

    Bubba says Lasker can make one in 15 mins in the shop.

    Bubba says the price is high and the caller says "American-made right there in Miami" and Bubba says that's white trash.

    Bubba wants a free one in exchange to talk about it on the air.

    The caller talking about his device and they'll have competitions at the Arnold Classic and the other competitions.

    Talking about this device while playing some soft music.

    The guy is jacked up and Bubba isn't even close to that. Apparently all he uses is this caveman club...Bubba wants to go to LA Fitness with this thing.

    Joe Rogan uses one.

    The caller says you can use this and not be sore the next day. Bubba says you should be sore the next day because it's a sign of work.

    Ned wants to swing one from his cock, but the caller says from the butt.

    Talking about a German woman who can lift 30 pounds with her vagina. Truckers look up the strangest things on the road. Ned can't comprehend that. Bubba says bad news for the person who can only do 29 pounds.

    A new caller brings up Giant Beetlejuice and Bubba isn't even sure Giant Beetlejuice is still employed there. The caller sent Bubba an email about the sister and she should be featured on tomorrow's Unsigned Band reviews tomorrow. Caveman emailed the guy and the guy says no email yet. Caveman says they're good for tomorrow, but maybe next week or so.

    Bubba's shoulder hurts, he has things to do...unsigned band review tomorrow, Bubba's Bikes for Badges coming up, we'll see Tuddle on Monday.

    Show about 1:08 plus a little bit for various credits, legalese and other stuff.
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