7/24/2019: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
Caper intro and Bubba wanting to know when they go live and they're live and Tuddle worked himself into a shoot over a mental situation. Tuddle says Bubba is the reason why here's there and Coltun didn't hear that. Bubba doesn't want Tuddle in the building unless it's legit prescribed by a doctor or social worker.

Jenessa is about to help Bubba and Blitz with the packages. Plugging the Amazon wish list and Bubba has some big boy 3X shirts. Tuddle can't get a toothbrush and Jenessa is about to get some Louis Vuitton handbags and all.

Bubba got a package from DJ at pro-action suspension and plugging the business and it's a hat and Bubba is going to wear it.

A dog leash from donkey teeth that Joey Logano will never use.

Bubba with a t-shirt that he may wear tomorrow for the shirt of the day.

A headphone adapter for Bubba and he's excited to get it. It doesn't say the sender though. That's going to Bubba Clem's house. Blitz may know who sent it.

Donkeyteeth goes crazy on the packages...he's really into goats. Some costume stuff Little No Peep stuff for Jenessa. Stoned Joey Logano may use it. Bubba says it's gotta go back nicely and not crumpled up like what Trace would do. Jenessa would be Little Bo Peep in a skit with Tuddle.

Next gift for Tuddle and he's not here...Scout and Big Gulp with a few packages.

Next gift could be a crank siren...and it is! Bubba says it's how they do the tornado siren where Rob lives in Canada. Bubba wants to put it on the Crown Vic and Jenessa will crank it. Bubba says that Tom Bean wouldn't like it.

This next gift maybe from Super Fat Bubba Light with a minature clown bike... Jenessa wants to ride it.

They also got some Sennheiser wireless headphones from Donkeyteeth.

Blitz needs these holsters for some guns...holsters from ESR tactical.

All kinds of weird stuff in the next packages... One of the guys cleans out dead people's houses and this is stuff from there. Bubba jokes he won't open the one box because it's probably a bomb.

Jenessa is all about the pink duct tape. A bowling ball and bowling pin are in there. Duct tape is going to Blitz K.

Bubba says Jenessa will steal the one gift and use it Lexington Steele-style.

Plugging the Amazon wish list...thanks for all the gifts. Someone cheered 1000 bits...see ya, ride it out and here's the caper music.
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