7/16/2019: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
A brief caper intro and Bubba figured he'd talk to us. He doesn't know if Blitz has them up or not, but Bubba wants to test the "kitty" deal...levels are real low, but both on, but who cares?

Headphones not on, but Bubba wants to freelance it. Bubba with the taste in his mouth...he broke the seal there.

Looking at a discharge which Joey Logano will drink and it's disgusting and Pat (Tuddle) agrees.

Bubba with the lights off and Tuddle doesn't like that. Testing to see where stuff can be heard and Colton is high, but he denies it. Giving lessons on how to talk across the mike and the dynamics of all that.

Tuddle is nervous about opening packages and he messed it up once with Trace. Bubba wants the air down to 74.

Opening the first package and it's for Gene Lasker...the "Garbage Pail Kid Mean Gene" is probably worth $$.

Bubba just sniffling because he irrigated his deal.

Bubba says they're the only ones to open free packages on the air because the listeners love him and they need help.

Free shoes for the dude with the smelly feet from NotSureFourEleven.

Stuff goes to the show unless denoted.

Calling out all the fans and marks who gave packages and it sounds like they all pooled together who bought some really nice high-end equipment so the back office guys can sound more like the big guys and there's a lot of packages there as part of that whole deal.

An Acer Espire TC computer and it's a Bubba Army Radio Christmas Bonanza with all their gifts.

PayDays from Abby Morgan, aka Bubba's sugar mama and Colton gets a box (24) to split...another box to split...splitting up all the PayDays.

Bubba wants sex with HeatherWiz so bad...he almost called her BubbaWiz.

They get a new camera for Twitch and it's over $1000.

Bubba wants to write a new closer since a lot of show staff dropped off, but he wants to mark out to everyone who gave gifts.

Microphone sanitizer...it was on the wishlist and it seems to work on Bubba's personal mic.

Lesbian gear-jamming freaks Scout and Big Gulp spend too much money on them...he's almost embarrassed by that. Lots of stuff for the printers.

Paper towels and Bubba wants to take them home.

Bubba wants to clean the pantry and go live on YouTube with that.

Pookie has been popping a lot at the new house to mark her territory.

No paper towels end up at Colton's garage.

They're trying to determine who takes what home.

Cat just had kittens and Bubba called them kidneys. One kitten goes to Joey Logano. Cat talk and BRN getting two goats. One of the guys wants a female goat to get some milk...

Fire hazard due to a car parked outside and it prevents Colton from going outside and smoking. Fire pit out back to be cleaned up... Bubba turning up heat on Colton for not doing anything for the show.

The original plan was for the beach to be out back with a bowling alley and barbershop and that's all changed.

Live on YouTube today at 12:15 and talking about plans for the near future and Bubba got stuff repo'ed and he wants $7500 for the Cream Machine and it runs real good.

Caper being hit, mics off, Bubba wants to re-write the close and setting up for Buds and Suds.

About 22 minutes.