2013 Chrysler UConnect Platform

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    Wow, the 2013 Chrysler UConnect platform is a lot more improved than before. Anytime I rented a car with UConnect in the past I loved the color touch screen and the fact that it showed the Sirius channel logos on it. It's come along way. The thing I don't get about this video is that she mentions MLB Play by Play and more Spanish channels with SiriusXM. Which would have to be on the XM/SiriusXM side and not on the SIRIUS side. Which is different than what the SiriusXM website says. But I'm guessing she is correct.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89WqWggCSU8]Chrysler What's New 2013, UConnect - YouTube[/ame]
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    This video is a lot better. And yes it has an Advanced SiriusXM tuner that is capable of the Xtra channels as well as Travel Link.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QadA-STQYI"]UConnect in the 2013 Ram 1500 - YouTube[/ame]
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    As far as SiriusXM Travel Link Services go it is capable of receiving Fuel Prices, Weather, Sports Scores and Movie Listings
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    What cellular service do you have to buy in order to use this?

    Maybe it has a sim slot (hehe. Slot)? :confused:

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