2009 Corolla S Sirius install

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    I cannot take credit for the knowledge behind this install. Most of the tips came from the old Siriusbackstage.com website. Your radio must be SAT ready with the AM-SAT button and fin for antenna. As previously mentioned, the dealer install cost $682.00; my cost from TSS with the TOY-SC1, SCC1 and SFA12M plus less than 1/2 hour of my time cost just over $210.00. A justifiable savings!
    The radio harness is located in the trunk on the passenger side. I removed the 5 trim pins and remove the interior wall, as well as the floor for easy access. There are three plugs, the grey is your antenna, the smaller white and blue aren't needed. As you can see, I used the wire support to hold up the SFA12M, plugged it into the grey connector, then ran it through the pillar then under the rear sill . Same with the data harness. I mounted the receiver and tuner on the underside of the sill easy access to change the parameters and if you need to change the 2 amp fuse. All wires are neatly tucked away. I hope this helps.

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    Johnny thank you so much for posting the pictures. Can I ask one small favor that you post a pic of your sleek antenna? I bet a lot of people aren't aware that on some specific cars you can actually utilize the factory Satellite Antenna for the super clean install.

    Thanks Again!
  3. Great job

    Great job now its time to upgrade the speakers ! The magnets on those stock speakers are as big as quarters.Some nice pioneers or alpines would be cool..
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    Nice. I too have a 09 Corolla and was wondering if I could do the install myself. Now I think I probably could Thanks.
    One question, with the TOY-SC1, SCC1 and SFA12M from TSS you are now able to use your cars stock stereo correct??

    I'm new to this install thing. ;)
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    Can I make all connections in the truck or do I still have to make connections behind radio?
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    Yes, I just saw this.
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    Don't bother spending the $60.00 :wah: for the antenna connection wire. You can just cut the antenna wires on the antenna that comes with the TOYSC1 and just cut off the connector in the trunk and splice the wires together. Anybody that can solder a wire can splice these wires together. One suggestion. Instead of trying to solder together the wires that are on the outside of the core wire (shielding or ground wire) just solder a jumper wire from one end of the shielding to the other wires shielding , this is much easier. Hope this help you save $60.00. :eek:
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    Kinda off subject but curious what you guys are paying for your 2009 Corolla's ?
    We priced one out. 2009 Corolla S. MSRP was $20,450. Dealer said they would do it for $17,700.
    Does this sound like a good deal ?

    I get X plan pricing with Ford and can get a Fusion SE with Sport Appearance package (18" wheels, Moonroof, Sync system) for $18500 including $3500 in current rebates. Seems like much more care for the money for $1000 more compared to the Corolla.
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    Out of curiosity I am using a Sportster replay, If i bought the Lexus/Toyota shark fin adapter harness, could i connect that to my sporster somehow to use the factory antenna instead of my micro dot ?
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    Hi everyone first time poster here, I just purchased a 2010 corolla and I was wondering if everything in this post still applies to my corolla like where to find everything in the trunk.
    Thanks for the replies
  11. It should, although I will let you know that since your car is newer, it is difficult for us to have up to date information on the vehicle you purchased. After doing a few google searches myself, it looks like your in good shape and should be in business just like the 09 corolla.
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    Thank you very much I will be waiting for your response.
  13. Looks like you should be in business. Same as this '09, you will pretty much be mapping this install. We really only have problems with the 2010 prius.
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    2010 Corolla Answers

    Another newbie here who found the information here invaluable, thought I would do a payback with pics from my new car.

    We just bought a new 2010 Corolla S, satellite ready with the AM/SAT button. Purchased the TOYSC1 and SCC1 boxes online ($115 for both but the TOYSC1 was refurbished), and sent my husband out last night to set it all up. The wires are in the passenger side trunk under the panels, just like they are in the 2009's as posted here.

    It's my first new car, and we were a little leery about cutting and splicing the sirius antenna into the factory XM antenna to utilize the roof mounted factory antenna. In the end though, it worked out great.

    We installed the boxes between the speakers in the trunk, and spliced the sirius antenna into the factory XM roof mounted antenna. On a side note, rather than using the new sirius antenna provided with the SCC1, we utilized the old one I had from my Streamer plug-n-play (just so we had a backup plan in case this didn't work). Took a couple of hours, but mostly because I was bothering hubby about making sure we got this right (my bad!).

    On another side note, if you haven't heard, Sirius (and XM, I think) can be had for $77 per year. Search fatwallet hot deals forum for info (I hope it's ok to post that?). I can verify it worked for me. I'm about a 4-5yr customer who's been paying full price on 2 radios, and I was real glad to get that!

    So, I can verify that 2010 Corolla S models with AM/SAT button (sat ready) work the same way as a 2009. And $115 sure beats $600+ at the dealer!

    Here are the pics:

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  15. AWESOME! Thank you so much for posting this w/ pics. You da man!
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    Hello Guys

    Glad I found this site, the dealer wants 210 for the box and 1hr labor for install. I want to purchase this and install myself just need a little more guidance for the wires what I will see when I get it all opened up, What goes where? Is the plugs all there just to plug and play? Anything special I am looking for? Attaches to my existing shark fin antenna? I have a 2010 Sport. Anyone? Thanks,
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    Sirius Lovers

    I am starting to think its better to just have the cheaper version of your Sat Radio and install the unit in the glove box, too much work. I have the old sat radio that does not need the FM module, its transmits perfect and clear. I bet I could sell a brand new one I bought before they were banned for too much power from Circuit City as a replacement if that ever came to it.
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    Help with the antenna

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    2010 Corolla: Problems with power

    I've installed a TOYSC1 and SCC1 into my factory radio as per the first post on this thread. The install was very easy but since the beginning has an annoyning problem. I hope this makes sense:

    If I have the Sat radio on and I turn off the car, when I turn the car back on I able to continue with Sat.

    If I'm listening to the Sat radio, switch to another source (radio, disk) then turn off the car, when I turn on the car again, the head unit doesn't recognize the Satalite Radio. No matter how many time I push the AM/Sat button, the Sat won't come up. All that can be accessed is AM.

    The only way to get the Sat going is to open the trunk, disconnect and reconnect the rectangular connector and it works fine.

    The SCC1 module came from another car and worked fine. Is the problem in the TOYSC1 or in Toyota's wiring harnass?

    Has anyone else come across this and how was it fixed?

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