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    Sirius XM Radio's 20on20 PD/Afternoons Michelle Boros Nichols is leaving the company at the end of the year. During her time as PD, XM 20on20 shot to the #1 rated channel on XM, the #1 music channel in satellite radio and the Top 40 station with the highest cume in America today. She is also known for creating exclusive partnerships and programming with The Jonas Brothers and Hilary Duff.
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  2. flap_jackson

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    That sucks, she was like the hottest DJ on XM period, as my profile picture shows...

    I had a feeling she was leaving, and our Girl 2.0 will be sorely missed :cry:
  3. DAB

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    It is sad that all these folks that made XM such a great service are all moving on. Some by choice and many others not so much so! One of my favorite is Country Dan. I sure miss his Sunday morning Stain Glass show and also his weekly shows on America. I just don't understand why they couldn't have found that old boy a place on all these country channels.
  4. flap_jackson

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    What the heck? My pic is still showing the frog :confused:
  5. radsatdaily

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    I thought you were saying she was a frog lol
  6. DAB

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    No, you can't show nude pictures of former XM employees no matter how hot they are! LOL

    I Kid, I Kid!

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    who will be the new PD of 20 on 20
    they will have some pretty big shoes to fill
  8. goreds2

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    Mel did not have the b@11$ to fire his SIRIUS family and keep some of the more talented and favorite XM employees. I know some SIRIUS folk were let go but no where near the amount of XM's. :mad:

    Missing COUNTRY DAN.
  9. bjflynn04

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    I got the feeling that since she is leaving there is a good chance that they will merge 20on20 with Sirius Hits 1.
  10. TulaneJeff

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    Wasn't Girl 2.0 on the 90s on 9?

    I remember when I first got my XM installed, back in 2001, I called in and spoke with her and said I was listening down in New Orleans. I was probably one of 100 listeners back then.

    Sad to see her go. :(
  11. semipenguin

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    Yes, Girl 2.0 was on 90s on 9...:)

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