12-22-08 History of Stern Pt. 2


Oct 9, 2008
New England
I just heard the ad on H101.

It sounds like it will be great as usual!

Time to get ready (I mean you DoublEE ;)).


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Oct 12, 2008
I will be listening to this special knowing full well that it might be THE one set of shows that will be considered Howard's finest moment of his Sirius years. Yes, that's right...old shows that showcase the energy, passion, humor and irreverence that one can now catch glimpses of now that his show is free to do whatever it wants.

It will also be a somewhat bittersweet listening experience because I can't help but think what those guys, the guys back during the time of the special, what those guys would be doing with the kind of freedom that these guys now have.

Here's to wishing cancer on Tom C...
Here's to Stuttering John at press conferences...
Here's to Fred and Jackie making Howard the funniest DJ in America...
Here's to ground breaking, format busting, must listen to radio gold...

Long live the Howard Stern Show.