11/26/2019: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
SJL and Lummy back at Bubba Spa with some more "chippy chop."

Bubba can't remember the 7am hour today, let alone something with the hair. They're worried about the hair and what it'll look like with getting together at the holiday. A unicorn "hair-braid deal" up front. They're trying to isolate the uni.. Bubba going all around the back, the sideburns, all over.

Blitz is lost...Bubba says it'll be a "chemo basement with a flock up top" for SLJ. It's a Thompson twins "Dumb and Dumber." SJL is dumb...er says Bubba. Bubba says for SJL to write that down so they don't lose it.

Bubba says they have a new series called Bossy BiBoy where Bossy will boss around SLJ with an airsoft gun. What numbers is Bubba using? Don't worry about that...Bubba doesn't want to give his secrets out.

Asking Lummy what he wants and if he wants to be twins. Bubba says to not forget about the fans and their comments and they can throw bits. Working on the chemo base and it looks like Moe Howard or an in-breed from Deliverance from the chat comments. Fans giving bits and leaving comments.

They're talking about if Joey will get laid with this haircut. They say it looks like Flea from the Chili Peppers.

Bubba cutting more hair with the fade-in and the bowl haircut is gone.

Bubba trimmed up the eyebrows...he dialed it in and it looks good. The "money-maker" mustache is gone and it'd be bad if the guard felt down, especially accidentally on the eyebrows. Cleaning up the facial hair with the brush and they're gonna get the color brush deal.

He says its a futuristic hair style like he's about to go into the Hunger Games.

Lummy up now with a chemo bottom with a top TBA. BiBoy says the camera really highlights Lummy's rosacea. Lummy wants to see BiBoy's rosacea as a joking insult. Don't touch the beard, but the rest of the facial hair is ok. Lummy has a chemo base with a big boy top. SJL thinks it's keymo...

Lummy has a chemo base with a flop top.

SJL getting a trim...working on the eyebrows now, looking like he could work for a news station...getting some Dumb and Dumber bangs.

The bowl cut brings out the youthfulness.

Bubba back on the chemo base with the rosacea.

One comment in chat says Colton should be next.

Straight money with a hat...and you know you don't wanna hear that at the barber shop.

Bubba up there with the brush. They tried to find a hat and couldn't find any hat for Lummy... anything over size 8 has to be special ordered.

Blitz says Lummy looks like Moe Howard and Lummy doesn't know who that is. Lummy doesn't want to be Mo Howard.

Barber is looking at the customer. It's uneven on the fade-in deal...gotta fade in the chemo base with the big boy top.

Trying to read the chat... One comment wants it all shaved off. Bubba fixing up the chemo base.

He's done...finishing up... and on to SJL.

A mix of hydrogen peroxide, steering fluid and other stuff...getting all nervous now. It's a Hidenberg type of deal and SJL doesn't know what that is, "but it sounds bad."

It's a kind of Martin Short deal.

About 2-3 hours to keep it in there. The box says 30 minutes, but Bubba doesn't pay attention to the box. Bubba cleaning it up and it's tingling which means it's working.

They need Iggy with the clean-up towel and he's not there.

Chemo base with big boy top and it looks good. Rick Walton needs catfish.

They say Lummy looks like a monk. Lummy gonna out the hat on...the hat they had to cut to make it fit. Lummy to the microphone. Joey is excited to see what comes out of this, as is Bubba.

Bubba gonna get his dye girl on his job. FakeBubba "she's got big knockers" and Bubba says "she does got big knocks."

They're trying to raise money for SJL... Colton doesn't get buffooned at all and he's the biggest buffoon at all. Colton is the mole and he still is friends with people who have left the show. They had a meeting about Colton being the mole and that's the same meeting as the secret password meeting. Joey wants to be the mole and Bubba says that's not good to be the mole.
Joey says he did not sell the sweatshirt, but was offered from money. Joey said he'd let the goat pee on it and send it for free...Bubba says that's worse because anyone can wash it on high.

He'll wash it and have a $50 sweatshirt for nothing. Bubba bought it blank and did the printing... Everyone has heat on the deal.

Bubba weighed in and his ring fits and he's thinner.

Joey wants dreads and its back to square one there. He was in the awkward stage of long hair. Bubba doesn't know what that power steering fluid with the hydrogen deal does, but he read it off some hilljack website.

It feels like there's pop rocks in his hair and Bubba says it's in his skull.

The grill works good, but it needs some racks. Bubba and others will bring their racks. Will Janessa bring hers? She's off to her mom's. Send bits for Janessa's mom. "Screw the prayers...send PayPal" which is what the church is really about, says Bubba.

15 minutes of the hair color deal... Bubba says it's time for a poll for the website for fan of the year stuff. Iggy has it so they can only vote one..no buying clicks. People could pay bits to vote twice on Twitch. Subscribers could get two votes and Bubba ixnayed the deal of buying votes. Talking about votes. Talking about people voting for themselves in an election and how that's fair. Some talk about radio contests and who can/can't win and how they're subcontractors of FloridaMan Radio and that's legally a bit confusing.

They're gonna go to the wash-out portion of this in the sink and the unveil. Says it looks like he's losing hair...Bubba says he cut it good and everyone agrees. He's got it good with the chemo base and flop top.

Gonna wait more? Bubba doesn't know if it'll kick in, as it's already dark and greasy.

It's been 20 minutes...Pookie sniffing the ground like she has to pee and why not pee on his head? Bubba loving up on Pookie.

Does Joey need the black dye? Bubba wants to dye the basement, but there is no basement.

They're gonna find the wireless mic and the caper music got hit...they're gonna go to the kitchen and figuring out the mic and shut off the carper and Bubba yelling at Joey and he's doing the final flush and it's cold.

Bubba doesn't think it worked. Bubba says Joey's hair can't be dyed and BiBoy says it's the grease. Gonna water it down a bit...Bubba wiping him down with paper towels. Bubba says it doesn't look different...maybe a bit lighter. Bubba says he didn't mess it up at all.

He's out...tossing it over to Blitz and Colton..trying to figure out what's next and after that...

65 minutes and it's out!
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