11/22/2019: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
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Bubba trying to cut some hair and getting suggestions from his guys.

Says he looks like Deion, but he's full of it...

Bubba is giving Lummox "straight Dumb and Dumber bangs." Bubba says he's going "right across the Rockies" and Lummox smells. Bubba says Lummy is drunk, but Lummy says it's Monster. Caveman helping out.

Taking a call and Joey's haircut looks amazing.

Iggy McGuillicutty trying to pick up chicks at a party and needs a good haircut... BiBoy says it's a reverse mutton chop. Bubba says he's going to lose customers because he's drunk and not because of a "reverse Abraham Lincoln."

Bubba... "Iggy, don't get me involved. I've ruined every business I've ever had." Bubba says it's very gorilla-like.

They're goofing on Lummy and Joey. Colton says Lummy looks annoyed, but Lummy didn't say anything.

Bubba doing it with construction paper scissors from a dollar store and it's tough, but he's getting it done. No pattern, no system...just cutting to cut. It's a chippy-chop deal, but Bubba says it's a Vanilla Ice raisin stripe. Bubba rapping some Vanilla Ice beats. It's a Vanilla Ice Rizz Strizz... Lightning McQueen.

Lummy may want to buy a hat.

Caveman needs a haircut, perhaps. Bubba wants fan feedback immediately. Lummy may be crying "for real" and he's probably frustrated, but not crying. Chat comments are loving it. Bubba wants to know what's wrong and Lummy is mad at Colton and Colton is relaying what Blitz says and there's heat...

We just had a Brent Hatley "in my life" imitation deal and here's Bubba with the chippy-chop. People giving bits.

Blitz says the shower cap won't work, but it will. Lummy and Joey side by side.

Bubba working on Joey now. Bubba thinks Lummy is having a moment. Bubba with more chippy-chop. Caveman is mixing a drink and says it's baby's semen and Bubba laughs.

Trying to figure out how the dye works in the shower, etc...he may not shower until Jan first.

Checking on Lummy and he's good...he may never take the shower cap off. They're discussing what to do with this haircut deal.

"You don't actually want it on the skin... whoops" and everyone laughs.

They may hook him up with a Bubba Army beanie cap...but they don't think they have one.

Bubba says he could be a knockoff AC Cobra kit car. Bubba says some are worth millions.

A new phone call...everyone starts goofing on the caller...a razor under Lummy's ears would work, but they don't have one.

Bubba talking about the hair cut. Lummox calling Bubba baldy and doesn't want to end up like that. Bubba says it's a Studebaker duck tail...an LA Ram helmet.

The Bubba Salon isn't open to the public, says Bubba...says it's a Warren Bosworth deal.

The mixed drink...tanqueray and Pookie piss... Lummy messing with Bubba's vibes... Bubba needs the right symmetry. Joey has a tingly neck. Too many abrupt head movements and Bubba is messing up the symmetry. Bubba is in the final deal, trying to do it all nice.

Straight to the DMV to for a new ID and then off to rob banks. Bubba finished up and Iggy with a towel and wiping up.

Bubba wants to give him a Hogan Fu deal and there's a bit of a protest. Bubba wants to throw it to the fans.

He's a big-time co-star and he's late so here's the punishment for the being late...

Bubba going in for the mustache and they're talking about only doing half of it...gonna dye his lips blonde too...

Joey is about 25 minutes in and Lummy is about 15 in to processing.

More people giving bits. Caveman back with a microwave deal.

Bubba says he's going home and won't stick around for the reveal. Joey and Lummy in the shower in about five minutes and Bubba now says he will stick around for the reveal.

Lummy brought a change of clothes and Bubba says he won't be doing this thing again... This isn't the first shower they had together says Blitz.

Joey taking shoes off and the whole studio about to smell and it's a mess. Lummy getting into the shower and Bubba is in there. Blitz wants them to face the wall and Lummy isn't listening. Joey now in the shower.

Lummy and Joey are in the shower and Bubba giving them a scrub down. They're taking bets on when Joey will be late again... They say he'll be late the week after Thanksgiving.

They're drying off Joey with a blow dryer.

Lummy looks good and he needs to dry off and calm down. It's not blonde...the stripe is gold.

Sit down in the chair and Bubba needs a shot. Bi boy gonna turn on a light and Lummy's hair looks good. The Vanilla Ice race stripe looks good.

All sorts of comments on the hair. They're disappointed Joey didn't get the Lummy treatment. They're putting him back into the shower so he drops down into the shower.

Bubba on the warmline and says all his hair with the remaining color. Bubba watching and driving home. He's listening to the audio feed, since watching/driving is against Twitch rules. He's gonna pull over and watch.

Everybody cuts their own deal and that's why Colton doesn't have to do this.

Two different kits and which kit was poured on his head and the color optimizing cream should have been first and the color gel is on now and it's burning the scalp.

They're gonna do Lummy's nose and hope he washes his head and all his hair falls out. They'll use Nair next time. They gotta wait about ten minutes. The box has the instructions, so they're gonna go back to the studio to get the box.

Lummy's punishment turned into a punishment for Stoned Joey Logano.

Looking at the instructions for Loreal and it's the Spanish instructions, so let's go to the English ones...they gotta wait ten more minutes.

Ten more minutes ...gotta rub it in. Iggy left and he's tired of Lummy's BS...

Taking a call and it's outstanding and the caller thinks the chemicals are supposed to be mixed so the scalp doesn't get burned.

Blood on his shirt and a bald spot and everything about this show is a hot mess.

Taking phone calls about this whole deal and the hair isn't going to be taken care of, so why get upset over it? The caller brings up a valid point.

"I look like a fat-ass DJ with a stripe in my head."

Checking with Caveman on time and about a minute and a half until shower time for Joey. Is there anything else? Probably not...good for shower.

Iggy McGuillicutty is back with probably 5 1/2 Marlboro Lights in him.

Has Joey ever taken three showers in the same day? A week? Ever? Dumbasses keep getting in the shower with no towel because he thought someone would go there with a towel. Joey taking the shower cap off. They did it...everyone cheers.

The new female trend is putting white in their hair. Checking in with Joey in the shower. Joey asks how it's going and it looks good....checking in with Bi Boy and he needs some headphones, so let's just toss them across the way. Terrible coordination and tossing them was a bad deal.

The back of his neck looks real good.

Colton goes to the phones and it's Mark the Frog and they need the Evil Gimmick...he's driving across Canada and a lot of potatoes on board. Still asking for the Evil Gimmick.

Joey doesn't look good as a brunette. The two-tone doesn't look good. Trying to speed it up because they don't have all day.

They're saying he looks like a gay porn star and his hair is so dark that it may need a couple dye jobs to get it blonde. This time it definitely changed colors. Maybe two more Bubba Spa days to get it done.

Blitz got his Vanilla Ice race stripe deal and trying to set up another day and it looks good for next week...

Plugging the website and they're out 95 minutes later.
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