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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by HCLogo, Jan 4, 2009.

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    The lifetime subscription on the Sirius site is under the more options or selections part. It's not initially listed.
  5. HecticArt

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    Sorry still not finding it on the US site.
    Do you have the link?
  6. HCLogo

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    The best I could find is a reference to the lifetime subscription on the Terms and Conditions page here:

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Terms and Conditions

    The only thing stopping me from getting a lifetime subscription is the transfer fee and 3 transfer limitation. Sent a message to Sirius Canada about this and will create a separate thread to discuss when I get a response.
  7. tsave31

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    Log in under your account, and then go to extend plan....click on see more options and lifetime is the last one on the list. Hope this helps!
  8. v1ru5

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    Now with tax time upon us if the majority of us took advantage of the offer how could Sirius/XM survive?
  9. goreds2

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    I have heard SIRIUS XM wants up front money to pay their debts.
  10. v1ru5

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    And then what? I can understand we need front money but let's say that out of the 20 million subscribers we have now, when we get our tax returns what if 12 million jump on the lifetime sub offer, will the other 8 million that are making recurring payments be enough to carry us on?
  11. DAB

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    I still won't touch this with a 10 foot pole! Too Risky!
  12. HecticArt

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    With roughly a 5 year break even point, I agree that it's is a bit risky. I think they will pull through, but who knows if they'll still offer content that I'm interested in.

    With the lack of effort that they are making to promote the lifetime sub deal, they don't seem (to me) to be trying to raise capital. It may be more of a demonstration of subscriber quantity, or a way to reduce bookkeeping overhead or something.

    If they were serious, they should advertise it.
  13. hexagram

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    Good thing I pulled the trigger a long time ago... I only have a year and a half to go and it will be paid off.
  14. blacknoi

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    I called and asked if I could transfer my Sirius lifetime sub over to one of my XM radios. They said no.

    I wonder once the billing systems have merged, will this be an option?

    Honestly, XM reception is better near me and Sirius's only exclusive content that I like (playboy and Bubba/Stern) I can live without on the XM side. Would love to get lifetime XM instead of one of my lifetime Sirius units.
  15. hexagram

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    In the press release issued today regarding the new dual-band MiRGE, they said they will be offering a SIRIUS Everything + XM Everything package for $19.99/month. When they do this, this could allow you to add an XM radio to your SIRIUS sub (and vice-versa). Who knows?
  16. v1ru5

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    Something caught my ear the other day. When the announcer was talking about the lifetime subscriptions I heard him say this is for "The life of your RADIO". So am I wrong about this if you get a lifetime sub for radio X and something goes wrong with radio X you would NOT be able to transfer the lifetime sub to the new radio?
  17. limegrass69

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    You can transfer it up to 3 times at $75 a pop. I know they'll make an exception for a warranty replacement. But if you like switching up your receivers, you can see how those economics will become unappealing pretty quickly.
  18. HomieG

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    You can transfer the lifetime sub to another radio up to three times, for $75 each time, unless it's a warranty replacement. At least that's the way it has been, and I assume they haven't changed the policy.
  19. hexagram

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    Well, the Terms and Conditions says that they can waive the fee at their discretion.

    Maybe try kissing their ass a little bit and telling them your radio is broke and you have no money? ;)
  20. HCLogo

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    I emailed customer support to ask about the transfer fees and limits and this is the response I received:

    So from the sounds of it, the first three swaps are free and then they MAY charge you for transferring?

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