10/11/2019: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
Coming on with the caper music and Bubba with a knife to the throat deal and Coltun messing things up with the levels and Bubba has heat with him for being distracted. Lummox told to get over there and he's looking at his phone. Lummox introducing the package segment and the fans send packages.

Bubba opening up a custom mug of a photo of him and it looks like him taking a dump and he's 80 years old. Janessa says it's a good picture, but Bubba hates it. She forgets they're on the air and she's just having fun.

Bubba says he's 3X and it's a shirt and he's gonna wear it and it better be 3X and it is...it's a shirt of Aaron Rodgers and Janessa thinks he really sent it, but she doesn't know who sent it.

Janessa opening up a package and it's a Hitachi deal and Bubba says he can't hear it. Someone was catfished on Twitch and it was supposedly Janessa and it's not her in chat, so here's a package for her from the guy who was catfished. The person who sent it wants the faker shut down.

Blitz a Lockheed-Martin guy and Bubba will let him have the shirt for a weekend...and Bubba won't be nice to him, but just won't kill him.

A Ford item and Doug Clem would love it and Jenessa loves it...

Bubba found some of her panties and he sniffed them to see if they were clean and they were clean and it disappointed him. He was in the laundry room. Bubba perving on her and trying to listen and she has the TV up loud.

Fans aren't sending notes with the gifts and they don't know who sends them.

Scout and Big Gulp send Janessa in the sexy native American "pokeahotass" costume.

A Larry Bird gift and he wants to wear it when they call him on his birthday, but he doesn't want to be a mark...this gift also from Scout and Big Gulp.

Donkeyteeth and his wife stopping by 199 and told directly to only stay for an hour.

Toilet paper and paper towels from Donkeyteeth.

Artie Rich with the mug. Bubba said he might sling it to the wall, but he doesn't want to be disrespectful.

Blitz said sling it, but Bubba doesn't want to be disrespectful. Everyone is saying smash it...but Artie isn't in the chat, but he was a while ago.

Bubba wants the weekend to thinks about it and Coltun thinks it's fair. Janessa says that's fair.

Bubba, Lummy and Janessa at Bubba 199.

Cheered 10,000 bits and there's the train horn.

Hard start time at 9 for Bubba 199.

Bubba really concerned over the smashing mug deal. They're asking Artie and he doesn't seem to care...and there it goes up against the door!

See ya later...clips of Ned(?) and his "whoo!" scream.

Caper outro music.
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