1/8/2020: Uncensored Show


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Oct 21, 2008
A little bit of the AC/DC intro and they're back on Twitch and Bubba is freaked out over his headphones not working right. He's waiting for Blitz to sign them back on and Caveman says they're good. There wasn't a hot mic so the guys couldn't hear the message and Bubba wants FTE mixed in moving forward. They're not on regular radio, so they can be a little more loosey goosey with the language.

Rob in and he's not on the mic so let's goof on him. Jon Jones is the best UFC fighter and Bubba mentioned a Sirius show back in 2006 or 2007 and it was his first UFC fight and Rob was there and Jon was a pushover opponent for the guy's confidence. The fight started and Rob thought he could have won the title right there. He's on the drugs and he got busted for coke, them some HGH stuff to get him suspended...it's a regular Ned party.

Jon Jones did some junior college wrestling, but not D-1 NCAA stuff. Talking about college wrestling and if there's UFC carryover and wrestling is the farm of MMA...the wrestlers start learning ju jitsu...Brock Lesner and others were all college wrestlers. Wrestlers brought the cardio and explosiveness and an engine to the world of ju jitsu. Prior to the explosion of UFC and there wasn't the explosion of Brazilian ju jitsu studios. Now a three year old can specifically be an MMA guy...it's really exploded.

Catching up now and Rob almost got in a fight with someone on a traffic jam type of deal. Bubba has a black dildo he waves around to get people to back off.

Bubba says Rhonda Rousey was way overhyped...world-class judo athlete and she turned out to not be good when she went up against other people.

Talking about some history of UFC and a shoulder lock and Bubba wants the shoulder lock to be demo'ed on Lummy...this guy Elio(?) broke his arm in three places before his trainers tapped him out.

They're talking about belt levels...so many people roll around saying they're black belts and they're not.

Talking about when Brent Hatley fought and Rob trained him...and it would have been a fair fight. Three days out, this guy can't fight and they get a former linebacker from U Indiana and he's like 6'+ and way big. Rob talked to the promoter and tried to get him out of it... They ripped Brent for lasting mere seconds, but he got done dirty. Rob was mortified by it. It was like a Bubba vs LeBron deal.

They're talking about Spice Boy and Spice will die before he taps out.

They're setting Lummy up for the demo fight and all sorts of tech problems are happening. Old Bubba would be throwing his equipment out the window because it's all jacked up.

They're getting in place and all looks good. Rob can't get Lummy in place because Lummy is so stupid. Lummy says there's no way he's tapping.

Bubba wants to put him on the ground in case he falls.

Rob trying out MMA moves on Lummy. They say it's like wrestling a gator...talking about kneeing a guy in the nuts and how that's legal.

Bubba prepping Lummy into going night-night. They'd talking about going TT night night and how it'll be the end of the show. They did it and they're talking to Lummy about what happened to him. Bubba wants a booth of this at the fair to refresh fair-goers.

Bubba realized he should have goofed on Lummy for supposedly multiple minutes and it was only 3-4 seconds. Lummy described it.

Bubba says they should have done it on Caveman. Blitz jokingly saying they got an email on "no more allowed" from Tom Bean.

Joey isn't around and Colton can't so it looks like Bubba is next... Dan Diaco would do it.

This visit may be a recurring thing and trying to set up the next one and there needs to video of Bubba being knocked out. Dan says he could be out from under Bubba in under 10 seconds and the challenge never happened.

Bubba doing some moves now and it looks like two gorillas trying to have sex.

Everyone has to do some other stuff...maybe some UFC watch parties in the works
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