08 Honda Accord W/XM No NAV - Convert to Sirius Radio


New Member
Mar 28, 2009
Hello all,

I have a 2008 Honda accord sedan with a factory installed XMradio with out NAV. I realize Sirius and XM have merged and I can listen to Stern good news.

Here is my issue: I live up near Olympia Wa, and reception due to trees and moutians is terrible.

My old car had a aftermarket installed Sirius reciever that had no issues. I was told that Sirius's Sat is more North than XM's Sat. Not sure if true.

I know there is a kit from TSS-Radio that sells for 139.95. Hon-1 kit or something like that.

My question is does it work? Has anyone installed this on there ride? Anyfeed back or a better resolution would be awesome!