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    What's With All The Bad Acting?

    Does anybody find those fake politician phone calls funny? The obvious bits are almost universally horrible. The bits where they might be scripted, but aren't obviously so are hit or miss.
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    Various Thoughts

    He didn't necessarily get extra vacation time for AGT, but he had a lot of short weeks because of it. My guess is we won't have those short weeks much this year and instead will have more full weeks off.
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    Ex Howard Tv Employee Gives Dirt On What Went On In The Back Office

    Wow, the production of that interview was horrible. Was the main host walking around the room during the interview? She would get real quiet and then five seconds later she would be twice as loud like she would get far away from the microphone and then get right up on it. I'm not sure why that...
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    Howards's October Shows-on Demand

    So for some reason it doesn't appear these shows will ever appear on demand. I guess I need to investigate other ways to obtain the product I already pay for. I don't know if there is some nefarious reason they won't put these episodes back up, but I'm guessing it's the fault of somebody on...
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    Howards's October Shows-on Demand

    From what I can gather, @SXM_Help has no idea what's going on. What makes no sense is those episodes were available last week and then disappeared on Thursday. They have been posting this week's episodes every day, but haven't added last week's back in. It's really pissing me off because I had...
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    Various Thoughts

    I enjoyed the Ellen interview, but I skipped Sharon and Julie. Why does Gary seem to book those women every six months or so? Do they really think that they're that interesting?
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    Advertisements On The Show

    I only listen to the on-demand version posted late in the afternoon on the days of the show through the iOS app. It's interesting that somebody goes in and edits out all of the live reads before posting it on the app. I'm not sure why they do that, but it's great.
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    Worst Caller Of All Time

    How does the self proclaimed King of All Media not realize the show grinds to a halt every time he picks up a call from her? Same could be said about his cat talk. I'm guessing MFB just saves him from having to tell people when Beth is going to be on a talk show talking about her cat adoptions...
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    Worst Caller Of All Time

    I can't stand MFB. At least Bobo is amusing at times because of his ego and stupidity. MFB is always boring telling us when we can catch AGT and talking about Beth's damn cats.
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    Contract Time

    I just hope that if he does keep doing his radio show he keeps his word and doesn't re-sign with AGT. It gets old listening to poor little Howard complain about his working hours at AGT while he's getting paid millions of dollars he doesn't need to do it. I also don't watch or have any interest...
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    Jimmy Kimmel On Elisa

    Hearing Jimmy tell Elisa she's not talented was hilarious. I'm amazed that someone like her is so delusional that she seems to believe she is a talented entertainer. I really liked Jimmy sitting in. Hopefully he can do this more often when he's NYC.
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    I've Had It With In-depth High Pitch Eric And Big Foot

    Oh, and kind of proving my point on different strokes for different folks, I kind of enjoyed the two Lieberman whack pack specials. I don't really see them as exploiting Big Foot and HP Eric because they're getting stuff in return. Eric is living a much better life because of the show than he...
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    I've Had It With In-depth High Pitch Eric And Big Foot

    The opposite of people only posting negative is Mariann from Brooklyn. I'll take negative people any day over that cheerleading BS. This place would be worthless and boring if people just posted positive stuff and how much they liked everything. The show has so many parts that very few people...
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    Worst Caller Of All Time

    Yeah, Bobo is so stupid he can be entertaining at times, especially when he's not trying. MFB is worthless. All she does is call to remind us of crap that most fans couldn't give two shits about (Beth's cats, AGT, and Beth appearances on other shows).
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    New Online Website And Device Apps

    On demand is slightly better, but it's still extremely buggy. I find it hard to believe they did any extensive testing of this app before releasing it. The most amazing bug for me is listening to a show that I have downloaded to my phone and I consistently get errors saying that my internet...