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  • Thank you for the information! You've helped me make my decision to go find a g830 or ar880 on ebay. I'm not ready to swap out yet. I have already used one swap when my original Sportster died, so I assumed by lifetiming a HU brain, with no lights, bells or whistles, I would truly get the most out of my equipment.

    Thanks once again!!!

    JVC like so many other manufactures has sort of changed their business models. They make lower-end to mid-range systems that are single line displays. This was a big change for them, but I think they just followed what everyone else was doing. It is too bad. I still think JVC makes a very good head unit for the money. None the less you have to move up to the higher range models like the JVC-KD-AVX77 or Arsenal KD-AVD49. I've seen and used both and they are absolutely fantastic. However, none of the newer model radios work with the older Sirius Connect tuners.

    I have never recommended doing a lifetime on a head unit tuner because of this very reason. I would assume you can swap as you should have 3 swaps available to you, though they may charge you $75. Also contact JVC and make sure that model JVC Connect tuner won't work, but I think I am correct in that. Because on the descriptions gives the newer model Sirius radio tuner and not the old one.

    Good Luck!

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