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    Various Thoughts

    And in Six degrees of separation of the Stern Show, Brent Hatley produced her radio show after he left Bubba and before he joined the Stern Show.
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    Week of 9/14: Live!

    He's such a veal. I realize one needs to take precautions, but come on. His comment to Gary about the trip to Maine: "you stopped at a gas station and touched things?".
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    Week of 3/23: Live from Howard's bunker!

    That was in his apartment. He's currently "out east". So is Fred.
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    1/17/2020: Bubba 199

    Not worth it's own thread but Bubba is back on twitter. Got 1,000 followers in a day.
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    Howard Stern Show In The News

    Didn't Artie reveal that news on air early in the Sirius run? (maybe not the $$ amount) I seem to remember it while they were discussing the failure of the David Lee Roth on KRock experiment.
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    Week of 1/6: Live!

    The infamous phrase was "in some capacity".
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    Artie News

    Artie's new podcast "Artie Lange's Halfway House" starts up today. This one is going to be free.
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    Various Thoughts

    Mindi is such a team player. Puts up with Bubba's BS and just rolls with it.
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    10/16/2019: Bubba UNsponged

    Good conversation with Kurt. Bubba even dropped a Ronnie the Limo driver mention. I'm surprised a Nascar driver that was clearly being "handled" (PR person on the phone to start the call) was able to give Bubba that much time. (Video won't play here bye the way.)
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    Week of 10/7: Live from LA!

    Didn't care for the extended therapy session with Demi.
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    Week of 10/7: Live from LA!

    Clearly, Howard's fear of moving the show is unfounded. Two very good shows this week. Seth Rogan and Snoop together was fun. That doesn't happen in New York. Same old Howard was getting more stale by the day.
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    Week of 9/30: Live!

    I was hoping that Billie Eilish would come off like Lady Gaga in that I didn't give a rats ass about her before she came in and she proved a great interview and performer. I still don't give a rats ass about Billie. She pegged the "like" meter at the 40 minute mark. "It's like........."
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    9/25/2019: Bubba UNsponged

    Stuttering John did everything he could to get Bubba to talk crap about Howard. Didn't work.
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    Week of 9/16: Live!

    Seemed like a lot of "filler" this week.
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    9/18/2019: Bubba UNSpongedtd

    I haven't got to the Capps one, but the interview with Opie was really good.