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    All Lifetime Subscribers

    Was checking my account out and decided to look at the Sirius Premier plus Internet Listening package for 3 years and it came up with $0.00 for the Sirius Premier part and 42 cents a month (i assume) for the Internet Listening.......anyone notice this? Was wondering if changing to that package...
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    The show now starts at 6:10

    Recorded the show off the internet today .....I cut out all of the commercials and bits (From the time he says "We'll be right back after this" to the time he starts talking after the song.) The actual show came in at 3h 32 min without commerical/phoney phone call/song.(from the Start of...
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    Sirius XM App for Droid

    the app page says coming soon
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    All-new Geek Time this Saturday!

    Nice.....been recording them the last few weeks only to erase them because they are repeats of the first two episodes. Good Show
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    Scott Bowling

    Checking out the standings this morning.....he is down to 248 out of 252! He is dead last amongst group B.
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    Beth O, 10 years ago.

    Did she push him off the horse ?.......oh wait now I get it.
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    Howard 100 on my IPAD

    I forgot about Pocket Tunes.
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    Howard 100 on my IPAD

    There is no app out there running Sirius with Howard 100
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    SIRIUS XM Radio Coming Soon to Android-Powered Phones

    Been getting Howard 100 and Howard 101 on XiiaLive (formerly DroidLive) App (via Shoutcast) far its been pretty good....have to admit only tried it after the live show....just replays and Howard 101 programs. So search for XiiaLive to find the app.....once you get for howard...
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    Best of XM free preview

    210 is MLB Home Plate
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    After more than 4 years of the Wrap Up Show

    I love the Wrap Up Show, listen to it most of the time. I can sum up the two co-host with a sentence each. John Hein-Asks a question he already knows the answer to, like he doesn't know it? Typical Gary Dell 'Abate answer-"Listen.......the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, it is...
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    Off next week or two weeks?

    Sounds like a two weeker
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    My Sirius Studio Version 1.6 Available

    Sirius isnt really supporting anything these days as far as updating software/firmware etc. are they? Is the writing on the wall or what?
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    Superfan Trivia Game

    ......and so this thread dies....LOL
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    Superfan Trivia Game

    Boston University What radio station did Howard work at in Detroit?