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    SL2 - Logos after Channel Changes

    Some of my channels lost their logos after the channel line up.... The Pulse The Blend Elvis Radio ...and on and on. Anyone else have the same issue and know how to fix it?
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    Sirius XM Hits 1

    I noticed this weekend that the DJ's and station id's on Hits 1 started calling it Sirius XM Hits 1. From the looks of XM's website, it appears Hits 1 is now available on XM Channel 2! Great addition to the XM side of the service!
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    I love SIRIUS XM!

    I took a tour of Sirius' New York City studios in April 2001 (before they even launched the service)...and from that day I knew satellite radio was the future of radio in America. Imagine...under one roof in New York City (and also with studios in Washington DC, Nashville and LA) Sirius XM...
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    Heard on Pulse - Moving to Ch. 12

    Any channel numbers that have been previously talked about are probably out the window. This should be the first and last major lineup overhaul to get both services' channel line-ups correlated. Seeing PR for shows on different channels i.e. Sirius 123 / XM 114 should be as limited as...
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    SiriusXM Multicasting and Channel Numbers

    There will no doubt be some unhappy people...but XM411 has 25,431 registered users (presumably the most die hard XM fans) out of the +9,000,000 subs that XM has. Just remember you're basically looking through a key hole to make your judgement and reach your conclusion.
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    What is the up side of the channel cutting?

    We may see a bit of churn as SiriusXM merges and changes channels...but I think it's going to be a very small number Losing XMU, for example, (and gaining Alt Nation and Left of Center) just doesn't seem like reason enough to cancel a satellite radio subscription for most...if someone is so...
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    SiriusXM Multicasting and Channel Numbers

    I think the key with programming is SiriusXM reducing confusion and making it clear that they are ONE service. We need to eliminate consumers choosing either Sirius or XM....they need to be choosing to subscribe to satellite radio!
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    BBC Radio 1 vs. U-Pop - Which will survive?

    What do people think the fate of BBC Radio 1 and U-Pop will be on the new SiriusXM? I for one, am a big fan of BBC Radio 1 and hope that survives!! The music they play, special performances and weekly UK chart show are great!
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    The Pulse/Sirius 9 Just Rocks

    I would be shocked if this channel doesn't survive. If I were programming SiriusXM I would keep The Pulse on both services as a Hot AC station (with little to no change to the programming)...and also multicast XM's current 90s on both services.
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    SiriusXM Multicasting and Channel Numbers

    When SiriusXM begins multi-casting what do you think will happen to the channel numbers on each service?
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    My idea of what a multi-cast channel would sound like

    Simulcasting the two services cannot happen quickly enough... Sirius XM needs to do everything they can to limit any confusion or choice between the two services and need to start running ONE satellite radio company. Simulcasting the same music channel on both services is important...
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    Lifetime Sirius Sub - Best of XM?

    That's me. The very first S50! Which now sits in a box that also has Sirius H2A plug n play...what an amazing advancement in technology over the last few years. Great to be on this new forum!
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    Multi-casting Decades and other like channels

    I completely agree! Any time you make changes you will piss some people off...but there are benefits to merging the content as well! It will be great to see it all finally pan out!
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    Lifetime Sirius Sub - Best of XM?

    I have a lifetime Sirius sub...does anyone know what plan options I have for adding the best of XM?