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    what band should they or will they give a station to next?

    When was Pearl Jam on The Bridge? Did I miss that month?:peace:
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    Playlists Are Improving

    Seems to me that the Bridge playlist is getting more songs added
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    what band should they or will they give a station to next?

    They should give one to nobody or no band; that single artist channel sucks!:peace:
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    favorite songs...

    Indigo Blue A3 (Alabama 3)
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    Top 5 Presets at this Moment

    1: The Bridge 2: Margaritaville 3: Deep Tracks 4: The Loft 5: Real Jazz
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    Why do we pay to listen to these simpering DJ's?

    Some of the DJs are less intrusive, such as the ones on Deep Tracks. The poll makes it seem like if you want to listen to DJs they are all blathering idiots, which is not so.
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    Welcome Back The Bridge

    Sure am glad it is back; wish they would pick on another channel.
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    Mandatory Metallica coming back!

    I really hope not; want The Bridge back:bigthumbup:
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    "Soft Holidays" and "Hard Holidays" format?

    Every day is a holiday for me; I retired 6 years ago. :nana:
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    Outlaw Country

    The more I listen to Outlaw Country, the more I like it.
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    "Something big is coming..."

    Don't know what to expect, but I can wait till next week.
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    Yes! The Bridge is back!

    The Bridge will be back Mar 13th
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    So how many...

    I might opt for the lifetime next month; The music programming compels me to keep listening. Slacker has never been an alternative for my listening habits.
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    Is Sirius XM going to die?

    no, it is not going to die
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    Yes! The Bridge is back!

    Have been enjoying the Bridge since it came to XM the first of the year; and now they take it off for Paul McCartney, please! Screw the single artist channels; why do they pick on the bridge all the time?