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    Satellite Radio on Your Cell Phone

    I pretty much use my T-Mobile Wing to stream Sirius when I walk home. Now, the only problem is that T-Mobile is the slowest internet provider via cell phone, so streaming high-quality music through T-Mobile is not the best way either, especially since you're gonna hear it buffer every 5 seconds...
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    Who has a Wii?

    I have a Wii, and I love it, however I'm mainly using it to play Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Brawl (I'm surprised nobody mentioned that), or the Virtual Console stuff I bought. Other than that, I've been sticking with the 360 for most games as of late.
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    Sirius Backstage Tribute Thread

    I don't think much from me has to be said here... I joined SBS in trying to find out how to install a Satellite Radio, and then helped out others with issues, and it went from there, up until, well, everyone knows past that. I wasn't here anytime between when I was banned and up until DRC, but I...
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    StarPlayr for Windows Public Alpha - GeeksToolBox, LLC

    Yep, there is an option to choose between the U.S. Sirius player and Canadian Sirius player.
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    Blocked at work

    You're pretty much right... a lot of the Sirius programs just use the Sirius website directly (automatic logging in and all of that), and if you use Stream_ON you'll likely get an error. The way I did was really setting up my satellite radio at home to deliver sound (via Line-In) and stream...
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    FiOS Users?

    I signed up FiOS when I moved from Elkridge to Silver Spring a year and a half ago. (15 down/2 up) Also have FiOS TV which is great. Only thing is I had to have a router replaced two months after they installed (both routers ActionTec, the 2-in-1 modem and router). The first one just died right...
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    StarPlayr for Windows Public Alpha - GeeksToolBox, LLC

    Yep, for now I'm just using the regular Sirius/XM (bleh) player, and hopefully when the servers start working again it'll be worth the wait ;)
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    Chat Feature?

    Well, as much as I'd like a chat (still have an unused FlashChat from when I bought it a year ago), I agree with Dan in that we should have more helpful content on the forums so that anyone who has a question has an answer already provided on the forums instead of a chat.
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    Should we welcome some Old "Banned" members?

    Yo SISO, Long time no see--er--talk! I've made a lot of mistakes over at SBS, but I'm willing to put it all behind me and start fresh. Like I said I might not be as active (I've got several web projects that still need working on, even a few that was supposed to be completed a year ago!) but...
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    StarPlayr for Windows Public Alpha - GeeksToolBox, LLC

    Last I heard they were switching out servers. Let me send out an email to Dave to see what's going on.
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    Should we welcome some Old "Banned" members?

    Thanks man! Which reminds me...what happened with SBS again? Seems like I've missed a lot.
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    Should we welcome some Old "Banned" members?

    Hello everyone! I dunno that I'll be as active as I was but it's good to be back in the SatRad community :)