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    Insane Clown Possie....

    You never know who will like their music…trust me it’s an acquired taste.
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    Outlaw Country

    Waylon: The Music Inside...the kind of thing you will only get on SiriusXm. This type of stuff is lost on FM radio. Thanks to Shooter for bringing it to us! Great listen if you have not had the chance yet.
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    WTB SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SCH1

    Looking for a SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SCH1. Anyone having one they want to get rid of let me know...
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    Outlaw Country

    Shooter Jennings’ Electric Rodeo Best show on Outlaw Country by far!!! He plays a great mix of music.
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    ICP today

    Not all....
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    Thank You

    David will truly be missed. He was rare among those who report on NASCAR. When he saw BS, he called BS! He did not tow the “Company Lineâ€. Thanks to you and the crew Mike for the show this morning. It is so heartwarming to hear all the voices of the NASCAR family. Keep the faith!
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    Did they pull it off?

    On a related note...My oldest daughter (and race buddy) was married Saturday, the chicken dance was not played at her reception. They did do the electric slide however…:rolleyes:
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    Poole's Chicken Dance - The Talladega outrage!

    Oh man I just spewed Diet Pepsi on my desk!!! Funny stuff!!! :roflmao:
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    Poole's Chicken Dance - The Talladega outrage!

    It's not an atricle, it's a way of life.
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    Poole's Chicken Dance - The Talladega outrage!

    As a minor league hockey fanatic I have been exposed to many a chicken dance. I have never taken offence to one. We all have issues. I find DP’s man feet obsession more curious than his distaste for the chicken dance.
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    Jr. Not Penalized says Nascar

    Does anyone think that there is a possibility of a Dale Jr popularity backlash?
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    TV Ratings Continue To Deliver A Message

    I have been saying for years now that the show is on the track not in the booth. I saw an interview with Darrell Waltrip where he and his wife were sitting on a couch (I can’t remember the name of the show) but he was just being himself talking racing. I was riveted to it. He was great...
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    Official Michael Waltrip sucks thread

    Have no fear it will be hijacked soon enough.:rolleyes: Before it does, on a side note Mikey does have a good start on a team. He has hired some good people. He has done better as a team owner than I would have given him credit for.
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    TMD Dream Team

    As the guys were talking about the broadcast dream team it got me to thinking… One name that came to mind was Liz Allison as a pit reporter. Anyone been around long enough to remember her?
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    Parking No. 8 Car For Phoenix

    Anyone remember J.D. Stacy?