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    Week of 8/17: Live!

    The drummer (Lars) is so full of shit. Was Howard really so interested and thrilled by Metallica's collaboration with the San Francisco Orchestra? I have to think back to either the MTV or Blockbuster awards show when Howard appeared as Fartman with the cutout ass cheeks outfit. When Lars...
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    Week of 8/10: Live!

    Howard took some time to dump on AGT. On Heidi Klum, "she's a lovely person but what talent does she have [qualifiying her to judge talent]"? Well Howard, she was host of a show like you were. She (and Tim Gunn) made Project Runway a hit. So she doesn't sing or dance or act or juggle but...
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    Week of 7/27: Live!

    Caught the Big Foot bit. Guess Big Foot gets some benefit from the attention but as the bit goes on I am feeling uncomfortable with this group of very privileged people laughing at this guy who is mentally disabled. Guess you could say the same thing about the most of the Wack Pack. Howard...
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    Week of 7/20: Live!

    Listened to most of the Katy Perry interview. Random thoughts. Howard, as usual, asked if Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were jealous of her money because Howard thought the judges on AGT were jealous of him. He asked if she was annoyed by Lionel Richie. I watch that show. There is obvious...
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    Week of 7/13: Live!

    Richard has to keep track of wacky things he does and report on himself or tell someone on staff so they can report it. ho hum. Sal has to fulfill his quota of acting stupid. ho hum.
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    Yes, Howard's point of view but you know how Howard does things. He made the Conan interview his best interview which I dispute even though it is his opinion. He is still pissed off at jay Leno for hiring away Stuttering John. This made him carry the flag for Leno when NBC made Leno take back...
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    No. 1 is probably the guy calling from OJ's driveway. Other's that deserve top ten status... when Jerry Seinfeld did an interview a few years ago after a long absence... should be something including Eric the Midget.. Lost Gary puppet... Amputee Beauty Contest (an example of Howard taking...
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    Week of 6/15: Live!

    Don't think I have ever heard her get that emotional before. She was fighting to hold it together.
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    Week of 6/8: Live!

    Hmm.. I am missing something. How would I know if he was smoking? What do you mean this stuff needs to be on the app?
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    Week of 6/8: Live!

    I listening to this part of the Sean Penn interview twice. Sean Penn: [talks at length in deadly serious voice on Covid19, the government response and his work making virus testing availble] Howard [to the best of my recollection]: "I totally agree with what you have said 100%. You are...
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    Me thinks a Stern v. Trump War is about to happen.

    So Don Jr. re-tweeted photos or a video of Howard's Ted Danson/Whoopie Goldberg parody of yesteryear with Howard in grotesque blackface from his Channel 9 TV show. It's real bad by today's standards and there was a bit of a quaver in Howard's voice. It was bad then... but, in my opinion...
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    Week of 5/18: Live!

    Listeing to BabaBooey 100. Very funny. What a job of compiling all those bits. There has not been a fan song parody contest for years. Why? Fan contributions.. including phony phone calls.. are so superior to what comes out of the Sal and Richard studio. I know that those guys for try...
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    Week of 5/18: Live!

    Very interesting whine by Howard on Monday. "I don't think Kelly and Ryan like me. I really don't" said in that tone of voice he uses when he thinks he is being unfairly shunned by celebrities. Kelly Ripa used to be Howard's biggest Hamtons fan. Her husband conducted Howard and Beth's...
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    Week of 5/11: Live!

    Howard really laid it on thick for George Stephanopoulus. Pays to be a Hamptons friend who has been invited to Howard's house for dinner and who has a wife who is a good friend of Beth. Haven't heard such gushing since Neil Young. On another subject, much was made of Ronnie comparing the...