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    Springsteen @ Wrigley Field

    I saw Bruce both nights at Wrigley. They were the 6th and 7th times I've seen the Boss since 2005. They were great concerts...both nights. I took a video of when Eddie Vedder joined Springsteen on stage on Night 1 to sing "Atlantic City". Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder - Atlantic City -...
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    Sweet! I always like to hear these stories because it's such a cool concept. You can let your DVR keep on rollin' and never miss a show, even if you're in Prague. Way cool!
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    Family of 4 (4 iPhones)

    Unfortunately the only way around it is to set up multiple internet accounts and even that I'm not certain you can do with one regular sirius subscription.
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    sl2 with 16gb micro sd?

    I've never done it myself, but i know it's rated to work up to a 16gb card.
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    Sportster 5 problems

    Awesome! Let us know how it goes. If it can't be repaired, there's still other ways that we can help you out.
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    Stiletto 2 ? Is it dead or repairable

    This sounds like a power issue and it may not be repairable. That type of stuff is tough on stilettos. And since you have done the device recovery a few times it sounds like this may not be a software issue. How long has this been happening?
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    Sportster 5 problems

    Hi Chris, Welcome to the DRC! There is a possibility that this can be repaired. Our repair guy, Droo, is off-site of our Chicago location and can be reached via email. Just send an email to sales@tss-radio and tell Droo who you are, what radio you have and the problem you're having with the...
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    XM Snap & Sirius SV6

    I couldn't agree with you more! FM has very limited sound quality compared to a direct connection.
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    XM Snap & Sirius SV6

    Yes, it does require an antenna just like any other satellite unit. Also, you are correct about the power connect technology. It does utilize this to operate, however, you can also use an auxiliary input to listen through your cars radio if you choose to have that as well. There is an area on...
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    Who is most to blame for the Cowboys Record?

    Wade and Jerry both. They rely too much on single players (Romo) and they make bad calls inside the red. I like to see coaches and owners with balls, but they know the limitations of their players better than that and should put points up instead of going the gusto and trying to stick it in the...
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    SL2 slowly deleting my recordings

    No, it's just that some people think that a device recovery is just a "reset and erase". Looks like you've been going about it the right way. Too bad it hasn't really produced good results.
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    SL2 slowly deleting my recordings

    Wow, that's pretty strange that it's acting so finicky so quickly. I haven't heard of that happening so fast. And just to be certain, you are doing the full device recovery where you have to do the three finger reset and connect it to a pc?
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    Sportster 5 Preset Band Mode

    Welcome to the DRC numbersix! You are correct about this, it isn't as convenient as the older sportster. Unfortunately there really isn't a way around this. Just be super careful when driving and viewing this. That, or do it the old fashion way and push each button individually.
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    Stiletto 2 batteries in stock!!!

    I know there were several people on here that needed some stiletto 2 batteries, so I wanted to make an announcement. We just got in a good sized shipment of them, but they will go fast! Get them while you can! Stiletto 2 Replacement Battery | TSS-Radio
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    SL2 slowly deleting my recordings

    There really isn't a way to copy and past your recordings to a new device. Have you tried a device recovery on this peticular unit?