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    SiriusXM app

    I love having Sirius on my Galaxy Nexus. I eliminated a radio and love the portability. I wish Sirius would update their app more often. It REALLY needs landscape mode for in the car and an ability to record a few hours of a channel. Overall not bad though
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    $356/year for 2 radios now?

    $iriusXM I just called a half hour ago and got the 6 months/half off deal. Sirius auto renewed me for 6 months at $116.42 and I said no way.. I'm good until August 1st and got a refund.. Maybe if they offered $10.00 for everything for one radio they could double the number of subs. I too once...
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    I want to switch to XM... BUT

    Thanks for the info guys.. I guess I will shine up my old Stiletto2 and just wait and see. XM used to crank out nice radios all the time, bummer, and without wi-fi the XMp3 is no good to me. I have Sirius Only vehicles. I also have an Android phone and don't believe you can record shows with...
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    I want to switch to XM... BUT

    I need a wi-fi enabled portable. The XMp3 is awesome but, no wi-fi - no sale. Does anyone see an update to this or any new portable XM radio's on the horizon? I have studied the lineup over and over and have come to the conclusion XM with Best Of Sirius is the way to go.. Playoff hockey is...
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    SiriusXM Android App ??

    Thanks for the update guy's.
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    SiriusXM Android App ??

    Waiting and waiting.. Bump... Almost four months later and still waiting for an app for Android.. (the fastest growing os now). Blackberry and Apple both have SirXM... frustrated. I will say this.. I love my Droid! :yesshake: PS. anyone know of a way to listen to Sirius on my phone...
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    SiriusXM Android App ??

    I hear ya The number one reason iDon't have the iPhone is AT&T. I dumped them years ago and never looked back. I heard Howard Stern bitching about his AT&T BB Bold.... In the middle of Manhattan?? WTF. They got problems and he ended up on Verizon. Btw.. the number two reason iDon't use...
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    SiriusXM Android App ??

    I just ordered the new Verizon Motorola Droid. I have been scouring the internet for apps and hacks for listening to Sirius on the Android 2.0 operating system. Has anyone heard about an app that will run on Android, or will Sirius going to develop one for themselves. There is going to be a...
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    New SIRIUS Satellite Active

    Same here.... Twenty miles east Pittsburgh where there are NO repeaters it has gotten worse.. I still get drop outs and acquiring signal, in my home dock for my SL2. WTF? I thought this was going to be the "mother of all satellites"....
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    $30/month for 2 radios?

    I just canceled my last two subs... I told the rep "Sirius does everything possible to piss off the customers". The Music sucks and they are now PRICE GOUGING. They tried to give me a few options, but they were just temporary..... the price is going up period. They charged $58 for six months on...
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    Sirius|XM on the iPhone - Official Thread

    Why did Sirius make a bullshit app when we had one that worked better and when was all said and done.... probably would have COST LESS... I am so far gone with this lame ass company anymore.. It is almost a HATE/HATE relationship... And that would be me doing all the hating.
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    HUGE NEWS regarding Sirius Internet Radio! (No more Single Artist Channels?)

    As soon as the XM side comes out with a portable wi-fi unit I am jumping ships and getting an XM unit withe best of Sirius. With that combo you get EVERYTHING.
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    Windows 7 beta

    My brother is running Windows 7 vs7077.. It is lightning quick... better than XP and looks better than Vista. I have read bench marking charts for the beta release that smoke XP and Vista. The RC is out there in the wild on torrents.. I have been thinking about downloading it, but, Windows 7 RC...
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    When is a new Portable coming??

    I believe XM has had better radios over the years and my friends that have had both say that Sirius has better reception out here in the woody hills of western PA. XM has a lot more repeaters also, so it should pick up better in the urban and suburban areas.. I was looking at XM's talk...
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    When is a new Portable coming??

    I am waiting for a next generation Sirius portable or an XM unit WITH WI-FI. XM screwed up with the XMP3 by not including wi-fi. I also think I would get an XM radio now with the Best of Sirius. Since the music is the same, I think XM with Best of Sirius has the best setup.. So does anyone...