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    Satellite Radio Class Action.

    So....let's see here. The earliest they could possibly raise the base rate is August 1. So, this settlement would freeze those base rates until the end of the year. August through December is 5 months. Let's say at the most, base subscription fees were raised $3, if that. 5 months of not having...
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    SiriusXM planning rate hike in spite of subscriber hike.

    If they lowered the rates for everyone, the company might lose money. I'd be surprised if more than 10% of the subscriber base is paying a cheaper rate on their primary radios. The other 90% of us that are paying the "Suggested Retail Price" are making it possible for them to offer the cheaper...
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    Sirius WANTS to raise rates

    That's what I think this is about. I don't believe it's so much about raising rates, as it is about wanting to re-design the base package. I'm not sure if the agreement with the FCC includes language that says the base package would include a minimum amount of fullt-time channels. I wouldn't...
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    2010 DRC College Bowl Pick'em League

    I'm in as MichaelCsTeam
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    When might the holiday channels go live?

    Something tells me the press release comes out on Monday (the 8th), a week before some of the channels become active.
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    Sirius XM 2.0

    I'm sure this is being made in anticipation of the price freeze expiring next August. That's probably when we'll see more of a tiered service. Wouldn't doubt all of the "Best of" packages become something like a "plus" package. For instance, currently NFL Radio is part of the base package...
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    Can we get these channels back???

    Yeah, Super Shuffle is probably the channel I miss the most. As someone who likes many styles of music (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Classic Rock, Country, Easy Listening, etc.), Super Shuffle was a nice 1-stop channel for me. Also, as has been mentioned, it worked great at parties where not everyone...
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    This offseason is getting unbearable!

    I always watch the Hall of Fame game and then after it's done, I'm to the tune of "ok, that's enough of preseason....let's start the regular season next week!" lol
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    WTD 2010 Week 4 - The Blend

    Yes, I miss the old Blend as well when they played nothing but the hits of the four decades (70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s)....basically the songs I knew growing up. Since they've gone away from that I don't listen as much.
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    SiriusXM makes the consumerist

    In other words, they're merged when it conveniences them (like merging music channels and such, and eliminating staff), but not merged when it conveniences them (can't put an XM radio and Sirius radio on the same billing plan).
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    This offseason is getting unbearable!

    Looking at the calendar, I believe college football begins in 50 days, Thursday, September 2.....and the NFL is just 57 days away!
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    Conference Realignment has begun

    With these super-conferences, about as close to a playoff as we'll probably get, if they go with the "BCS +1" model. The 4 conference championship games will essentially serve as quarterfinal games. The 4 mainstay BCS games (Sugar, Orange, Fiesta & Rose) will rotate from year to year where 2...
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    As mentioned, they'd probably have to stretch the playlist out some. I'm not sure about doing it straight through to Labor Day, but I wouldn't mind them putting a channel like this up every weekend through Labor Day weekend. Maybe start it up at noon eastern on Fridays and then at midnight...
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    For the most part, as one might expect, similar to the channel that put up on New Year's eve.....but there's just enough of a difference to make it enjoyable to listen to. Instead of the club dance songs, they're throwing stuff like (as already mentioned) Charlie Daniels and Hank Jr.
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    This offseason is getting unbearable!

    Based on my calendar, the college football season begins 100 days from Tuesday (May 25). South Carolina seems to have taken on the tradition of kicking off the season....this year they'll open up the season on ESPN on Thursday, September 2nd against Southern Miss.