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    128's Hands are Tied

    I'm told over and over that in the years to come I'll be in awe of JJ and everything that's been done. Uh, no. Sorry. I just won't be. And really it's not against JJ. It's against nascar. I didn't watch a full race all season.
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    Preseason: First Look at your Team

    VY finishes with a pick. Great. How long has he been in the NFL and how much did we pay him? lol Simms took himself out. Third strings look better than the second string.
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    I just don't get it

    Man, they need to take out 2/3rds of the "sand traps" there. That's stupid to have so many and let the crowd go all over them. Otherwise I like the place. 1000 times better than Pebble.
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    ExtenZe goes limp, Conway pulls out

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    Hall of Fame attendance fall short of estimates

    I would love to go see it. Maybe I can work in a game of golf with Choc while I'm there. LOL.
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    Labor Pains - Who will Strike/Lockout?

    Baseball should have had a new commissioner YEARS ago. That's their biggest problem. I could care less for the NBA. They need to clean up their image and get back to playing real basketball. The NFL scares me because the owners are firm this time. And in some regard, I'm glad. Bud Adams...
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    Who's talking?

    I would like to see Vandy have a winning season this year. But I won't bet on it.
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    Ben Rapelisberger

    It's the "CAW" syndrome. Crazy Ass Women. Just watch a little afternoon TV. But not too much!!!
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    Who's talking?

    *cough* Vandy *cough*
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    Who's talking?

    There's a rat in the system. The NCAA is looking all over the SEC. Whoever it is, I hope they have their life insurance policy paid up. LOL. (I wonder if Kiffin's hand is in this? lol )
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    Conference Realignment has begun

    Oh yeah. I met a man who's gone to every Littlefield High game since the early '60's and can tell you STATS on players. STATS...for High School players!
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    Ben Rapelisberger

    There are some WACKED out chicks out there. They will go see murderers in prison for pete's sake.
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    Eli Gold:Nascar Overexposed

    Yeah, I know. Don't rub it in! LOL.
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    So is Ch 126 a lost channel now?

    Horse racing talk? WOW. That's exciting. lol
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    If I'm VY....

    I bet VY is one HAPPY dude today. :smug: