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    Bubba gives Radioio Show details

    Stretch is producer for The Jason Ellis show.
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    New channel: Pearl Jam Radio

    loving the Pearl Jam channel.
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    Bye Bye Steve C

    What do you mean? I don't get it.
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    Ellis replays start today.

    Just heard from yesterdays replay that as of 08/12 replays will stop on Star Too to make room for a 4 day star wars radio special. Whateveh. Friday mornings show will still be live on faction.
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    No live Bubba Friday July 30th

    Totally uncensored. The Friday morning show is live and simulcasted on faction & stars too.
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    Ellis replays start today.

    Don't forget Friday mornings show will be live on ch 52. The are getting up early to go live at 4am pst.
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    Ellis Show replays in the am starting next week!!!!

    Starting 07/06 Ellis shows will be replayed on stars too 139 xm. For example Tuesday's show will the be the replay of today's show. Every morning will be the replay of the afternoon show the day before. The afternoon show will still be on faction and will be live everyday except for the friday...
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    Jason Ellis...

    Will said they are going to start replays very soon and also the show is going to start later. I believe 3-7 central.
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    Jason Ellis...

    Tully left because he wanted to write screen plays like in Feb. or March. He is still in the band and appears on the show from time to time. The show has been great. Ellis has become really good friends with Slash and Slash has come on the show a few times just to hang out. The show has...
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    Jason Ellis...

    I find since Tully left and Stretch took over as producer the show has been unbelievable. Since they are on vacation this week and listening to the older shows you can hear how much they show has progressed. I can not wait until he gets back from Fiji.
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    Jenna Jameson?

    Tito and Chuck are not fighting for a 3rd time. Now it is Chuck and Rich Franklin in Vancouver in June. UFC 115/116 I believe.
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    Jenna Jameson?

    Tito is really a good coach and could be likeable. It is all of the trash talking he does at fight time that really has him coming off as a douche. Plus after a loss you can always expect excuses from him.
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    4/12 Hogan Show on H101

    A lot of the same stories I have heard him tell on BTLS.
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    2nd best radio show

    I think it does still hold up. I have not been able to find any safe sites that has downloads of the show. But then again I am pretty ignorant finding those lovely sites :Smiley_wink:
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    2nd best radio show

    Two shows I wish satellite would get is Jim Rome and Lovelines. I love both of the shows but I don't get these on my local stations.