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    Seeking Lynx Battery Covers

    Picked up several SXM Lynx radios without the battery covers. Interested in from 1 to 4. If you've got a broken Lynx and want to jetison the unit or just the cover, PM me...Thank you.
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    Old School Sirius SIR-PNP3

    Will the SIR-PNP3 work with the Jensen boombox JBXsr100?
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    Sirius Sportster Boombox

    Sportster Didn't work in the car either...conclusion: pieces of junk. Thanks for the help everyone.
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    Sirius Sportster Boombox

    I'm going to try them in the car docks...
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    Sirius Sportster Boombox

    Sirius Sportster Boom Box I can't get any sound at all from the boom box with the Sirius radios in them. The boombox will play with an AUX source. The radios are showing full signal-but no sound. Weird.
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    Sirius Sportster Boombox

    Picked up a Sirius Sportster Boombox and two Sportster radios. I can't get any sound out of the boombox using the Sportster radios. I hooked up my phone to the AUX in and the sounds works fine so I know the boombox can produce sound. When I put the radios in the boom box, with one radio I get...
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    $356/year for 2 radios now?

    As I wrote, I've got no problems. The bill comes, I pay the bill. But the original post was about rewarding long time subscribers with a "carrot or two" over the years. Other folks get discount after discount-but those who stay with the company pay full price. Rewarding long term customers...
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    $356/year for 2 radios now?

    That's not how this company operates. This is not a complaint--just a statement of fact. In more than 10 years with XM and more than 8 years with Sirius, I have not received any offers of deals or reductions in rates. There've been a few times I've had swap fees waived, so that's been...
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    ha ha ha.. Packers fan FAIL.

    Giants Don't worry Giant lovers...your party will be over on Sunday.
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    $356/year for 2 radios now?

    Deals I know many people on several SAT rad sites have gotten deals over years. I'm been with XM since 2001 and have never been offered any deal. They do keep trying to give me additional radios, etc, but never a subscription deal. But, WTH, I'm only a 10 year listener...with multiple...
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    Electrical outlets with USB connections

    Yes. I bought 5 of them for my place. I found that I really only needed 3 and since I found these online for $30 / each, I thought I'd just try and sell them on eBay and wherever I can. Here they are working very well. I'm not a real electrical guru, so I don't know about power limits, etc...
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    Electrical outlets with USB connections

    I have several of these left over after updating my place. Price is $25/shipped each or offer for both of them that I have. The yellow piece is the wire cap. You can reach me at :
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    The face of the franchise...

    NY Knicks Willis Reed San Francisco 49ers
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    XM Renewal

    discount Sorry to say I disagree. I've asked a few times about discounted rates and have been told there are non. 10 years here, all full price. Not bitter at all-I love SXM.
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    Transferring lifetime

    I'm combining houses soon and I need to sell some electronics that I own. I have several XM and Sirius lifetime subs. I think I'd like to sell my Sirius lifetime sub, but need to know about the transfer fee policy. Do I pay that fee for the new owner or does the new owner pay the feel to put...