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    Clear Channel changes (only on XM)

    They feed from Cincinnati, where all of Clear Channel's digital radio operations are housed.
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    Clear Channel changes (only on XM)

    Our art store played The Music Summit. I guess it's back to The Loft for them.
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    Clear Channel changes (only on XM)

    CC's talk stations are America's Talk, Talk Radio (or XM Talk), and Extreme Talk. Fox Sports Radio and Reach MD are theirs too.
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    Clear Channel changes (only on XM)

    What station is that? The transmitter must barely be off the ground.
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    New Sirius Music Lineup May 4th

    The Blend yes, but Love is constantly preempted, which to me means it's not highly listened to.
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    Sirius vs XM -- Differences Table

    ESPN Xtra and ESPN All Access have merged into one channel, using the name ESPN Xtra.
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    Sirius WANTS to raise rates

    I'm going back to the 90s here. The NAB didn't want the Sirius/XM predecessors to own an entire band of stations and provide them nationwide at the same cost as owner regulated local stations provide theirs. Any time Sirius or XM has provided a subscription free channel (XM Preview, Emergency...
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    Sirius WANTS to raise rates

    That was actually the original plan, but the NAB squashed it.
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    Looking For Dave Ramsey

    Clear Channel stations are blocked from Sirius carriage.
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    Familynet 161 ends december?

    Family Talk on XM 170 will replace it. It does not carry Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is heard on XM through Clear Channel's talk channels.
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    Channel 816 Not Available

    You're doing nothing wrong. Sirius 816, or any channel in the 800s, is not available in the car. It's only available online.
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    New Fantasy Sports channel.

    There are no websites for it yet, but a new channel called Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio has landed on XM 147 and Sirius 211 (Best of XM).
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    Sirius Patriot and America Right to merge, overhaul lineup

    The whole thing feels like a big act. He's a performer who wants people to believe what he's saying is truth, and it's all thanks to that damn TV show. Have you heard his new overly dramatic opening theme? A far cry from the upbeat peppier themes he used to have. What happened to Glenn Beck the...
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    Sirius Patriot and America Right to merge, overhaul lineup

    Going by your reasoning, I would think they haven't done the same to the liberal talk channels because they DON'T want them to suffer. Bennett isn't live on XM 167, and Samuels isn't on at all. On XM it goes Bill Press -> Stephanie Miller -> Ed Schultz -> Mark Thompson -> Young Turks -> Mike...
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    Sirius Patriot and America Right to merge, overhaul lineup

    It was announced today that Sirius' Sirius Patriot and XM's America Right channel will merge to form Sirius XM Patriot. It will feature the following lineup on both channels - Sirius 144 and XM 166. Press release Sirius XM Radio Inc. - SIRIUS XM to Launch Glenn Beck on SIRIUS XM Patriot...