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    Reccomend me some TV please...

    Burn Notice on USA is a great show, worth a watch.
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    Corey Haim found dead.

    This is the second Burbank death in two days, Willie Davis of Dodgers fame and now Corey, I better watch out.
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    Camera/Photography Fans? Post Here

    :jj: i hear you, my camera is used 95% of the time for HD 720P video. I routinely put up YouTube videos like the one attached, just taken a few hours ago. That's my main focus (no pun intended) but occasionally I like to use it for photography. YouTube - LAX Departures & Arrival (2/18/10)
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    Camera/Photography Fans? Post Here

    I'm just starting but here's some random photos so far... The camera I use is the Panasonic Lumix ZR1, it has an Optical Sensor Resolution of 12.1 MP and an Optical zoom of 8 x. Downtown L.A. taken from Dodger Stadium Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory also taken from Dodger Stadium...
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    Any Depeche Mode Fans Here?

    Yeah, they were out there a few months ago on New Years Eve at the Fremont Street Experience. If I see anything I'll let you know.
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    Any Depeche Mode Fans Here?

    My brother and I saw Depeche Mode in 1990 at Dodger Stadium right after the Violator album came out and it's one of the greatest memories of my life. We saw a band in November of last year called Blasphemous Rumours which duplicates that era of DM. I recorded them January 30th at a place in...
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    Repuation whore in this thread

    Did I hear the word whore? :homer:
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    Happy Birthday TSS Taylor!

    Happy Birthday man, someone should buy you an SL2 from some really cool guy in the Chicago area who has a business over there ;)
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    Big news

    ˙ʇıɐʍ ʇ,uɐɔ 'ʇı ɹʌp llıʍ ı os 00:3 ʇɐ ǝɹǝɥ ɹıɐ oʇ ʇǝs s,ʇı
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    Sorry Billy, Happy Pony's On....

    For those who don't get the title or who haven't seen it. YouTube - Standoff
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    Sorry Billy, Happy Pony's On....

    Hey semi, yeah I haven't been posting much but I still snoop around here and there. Are we still on for a Dodger game next season?
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    Sorry Billy, Happy Pony's On....

    and I'm not missing Happy Pony.
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    Big news

    Out of curiousity are they flying you into the Burbank Airport (Bob Hope), I live down the street from the airport. Good luck to you.
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    A "guy loses girl" video even gayer than Baba Boey's.

    Badmotherfarker, am I the only one who gets the impression that he bats for the other team?