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    Tragic News For SNR Fans; David Poole Has Passed

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and the NASCAR community. He will be greatly missed.
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    TMD's All Star Race Discussion

    To be honest the whole thing has really lost its luster. It seems like just another race anymore. They try to keep 'fixing' it, but nothing really seems to work. I still watch, but don't get excited about it anymore.
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    NASCAR.COM's New Layout. lost me a long time ago and I only occasionally visit the site. That being said, it is MUCH better than the monstrosity they had up before. The site feels like it's missing something. It used to be a staple for me, but not anymore.
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    No DirecTV NASCAR Hot Pass in 2009

    I have the service and it was okay. I didn't appreciate the censoring because I paid for the service. I do have trackpass and its pretty good too. I liked HP for the most part, but I also like to know what else is going on around the track. I appreciate the one driver approach, but it would get...
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    If Mike, David, Adam and Zach dont return for 2009....

    If they take away Bubba AND will suck. I can live without Bubba, but not TMD...
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    If Mike, David, Adam and Zach dont return for 2009....

    I couldn't agree more.:yesshake:
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    Claire B coming to Sirius 128?

    CBL will be an interesting addition. I have choices and that's nice, much like TP if I don't feel like listening to her, I'll change it. I just hope her show isn't four hours. That would be a little too much CBL for me. I hope they bring over Unrestricted from XM 144. I am hoping for variety...
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    Is TSL not coming back next year?

    How about an hour of Tony and an hour of Junior (brought over from XM)? I don't mind Tony's show, but two hours is a little long (Junior's show is only 30 minutes and he could easily pull an hour). I usually record TSL and fast forward through the crap I don't want to listen to. :)
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    Annnnnnd It's Started.....

    Bagman may have to dart himself to get through the off season. Personally, I'd snap. It annoys me when I hear all these people complaining. I get that voicing opinions is great and I respect that, but some of them are just poorly thought out and senseless. But...if I don't like it...I...
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    Banquet Thoughts

    I turn it on for background noise and get my house deep cleaned before Christmas. I'll put up my tree and decorate and only stop when somebody I want to listen to comes on. Yes, usually it is pretty boring but it's like a train wreck and I just can't NOT watch. :) The one thing I'm looking...
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    Bagman, Please, please..............

    He is amusing, but kind of like that guy in high school that drank way to much, did really stupid stuff to make everybody laugh, knew the cops personally and his parents always bailed him out. He'll grow up eventually...they all do.
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    the hosts of 128

    I happen to really enjoy the opening minutes of TMD. I live and breathe NASCAR, but four hours at a shot (usually about one solid topic) can be really tiring. I realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, but hearing the same thing over and over from different voices can get pretty bland...
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    NA$CAR Bans Sanctioned Track Testing

    I think you're right, non sanctioned tracks will get busy, but I think overall it has to save money somewhere.
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    Teresa must really hate Dale Jr.

    I hope TMD (and the entire channel for that matter) are ready, the nation will be in full hot mode. I wish they would chill because the issues with DEI are not all about Junior anymore. He's happy working for Mr. H...let it go. Bagman, Poole and better have the hickory stick...
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    Favorite Call-In Show?

    My vote is for TMD. Bagman gets me going in the morning.