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    Sl2 power, charging issues

    I've been having this issue on and off now for a number of years. I opened up the SL2 the first time it happened and looked around under a magnifying light I bought for my home woodshop. Fiddling with the wall wart in it (unplugged) I noticed a small trace on the right side of the dock (back...
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    Sportster 5, sports ticker and NHL

    No idea about the 5, but my 4 did it with NHL.
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    Antenna alteration???

    I've read the old backstage info, and wonder if something hasn't changed. I was installing my new SL2 into my truck, and discovered that the SL2 would use an external antenna when plugged into the universal dock from a Sportster 4 (with no external power). It recognized the antenna, and ran it...
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    SUBX1 Universal Ghetto powered by Tool Batteries?

    I have access to many power tool batteries, and want to work on a way to run my SubX1 from one of them. Could I simply take the battery connector from a tool and run a 12 volt power tool battery into the power outlet on the sub? Has anyone tried this before?