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    Celebrity Death Thread 2018

    Second - I never really liked The Fall, but no denying he was a unique figure in post-punk music.
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2017

    Celebrity to 80's music lovers.... Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens :( » Pat DiNizio passes away
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2016

    I'll second this... his was the second voice of summer for me, after Ernie Harwell.
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2016

    Big bummer - been a fan since way back during my college days. Always loved his stuff.
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    Various Thoughts

    Garry used to be partnered with Steve Dahl in Chicago during the late 70s through the early 90s. I'd listen to overnight replays on WLUP-AM while working as a security guard. On good nights, signal would reach Detroit. He also did a show there with Roe Conn for a while, as well (I used to be...
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    Fast Food Chains To Conquer America

    Habit is now my favorite overall burger joint. Still love In n Out, but Habit has better fries! I've been to The Counter - not bad. I like being able to custom build the burger, but it can get fiddly at times. One nice thing - they have several meat choices besides beef. Local joints are...
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    If You Had To Move..

    It's getting too crowded here now... Please choose someplace else ;) I moved here a while ago - I'm never leaving!
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    Who Am I? Week #326

    Kim Fowley
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    Who Am I? Week #308

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    Itunes Really Sucks

    I think the only way to make that go away is to change the view from Artists to Albums. It's the space that used to be "Genius" and now seems dedicated to Apple Music. There's a dropdown in the upper right corner (at least on the Mac version - can't speak to the Win version). The downside being...
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    Toledo Water Unsafe To Drink

    The Meijer store here near Ann Arbor had bottled water out on display all over the place today - from what I saw, a lot of people were stocking up. Not sure if it was panic that had spread north, or a bunch of Ohioans had driven all the way up here to loot us.
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    Numa Numa

    This one from back in the day... dude got "internet famous" for this video. Hope he made millions in internet money ;)
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    Numa Numa

    This is pretty cool - I checked out a few more vids, and they do some neat twists and turns. One thing (IMO) classical music needs more of - Fun.
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    Shitty Concert Venues

    Yeah - seems to me if the place is really popular, you could also maybe start some kind of campaign. Maybe reach out to bands and their management companies. There really is no reason for a venue to treat people with disabilities as second class citizens just to make a few extra bucks. Just...
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    New Adventures

    So it's all squared away. I's crossed and T's dotted. I start August 11th. They are what you would call extremely generous with their relocation package. They are covering a several day trip for us to look for a place. (They pretty much cover the whole move process.) We'll be heading out the...