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    Slacker radio links with ABC News

    To each is own. I love talk and news radio and would welcome this on Slacker. Get tired of music all the time.
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    Apple responds with iPhone 4 "fix"

    My guess when the signal strength shows its too strong, even though it may not be, the phone cuts the power back on the transmitter to save the battery. So if it is incorrectly reporting a strong signal when in fact, it is not that strong, it cuts the power back and drops the call. That's just a...
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    SIRIUS XM Adds Over 583,000 Net Subscribers in the Second Quarter

    I think this is temporary. Increase most likely due to new car sales. Watch what happens towards the end of this year into next summer. If we do an Obama double dip, car sales will slow, more cancellations will come, and they'll be back in trouble. They need to change the business model soon or...
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    Slacker radio links with ABC News

    I just received my G2 portable. I have been trying to find out how I access this new ABC News channel and have not been able to find it at the Slacker website. Anyone have any more information on this and how to access it?
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    $15 fee to swap radios on a replacement??

    Agreed I agree. I am tried of the increases, fees, whatever. My five year sub is up in April. I will probably cancel the XM radio, and move to Sirius ala carte for the home, music only in daughter's car and talk only in my car to reduce expenditures. If they go up again, I will cancel home...
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    Does Sirius add Music Royalty to a la carte subs?

    Not sure it is that simple. I understand that if you select a mostly talk package, that they are not charging royalty fee. That's why I asked about the a la carte package.
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    Does Sirius add Music Royalty to a la carte subs?

    Like many, I am looking to reduce my sat radio expenditure. I have an XM radio in the house, and two built into the cars. I also have a Sirius radio built into a third car. With the house XM radio we pretty much just listen to Fox News, CNBC and some talk stations. The five year sub is up on...
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    $15 fee to swap radios on a replacement??

    Now watch, they'll start sending you stuff and deals to become a subscriber again. That's what happened after I canceled. As I recall from days of ol' back in college, for every $1 is takes to KEEP a customer, if you lose them, it will take $14 or 14 times the retention $1 to try and get...
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    $15 fee to swap radios on a replacement??

    Threaten to cancel. $15 or lose a subscriber. Their choice.
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    $15 fee to swap radios on a replacement??

    They have never charged me for a radio swap. If they did, I would just cancel. So if they think $15 is worth it versus losing a customer, that's their decision. I am not going to keep getting nickel and dime'd to death because they over-paid for Stern.
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    Internet radio feed on Grace Wireless Internet Radio

    Go with another Internet provider if your current provider limits your bandwidth. I would not put up with that garbage.
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    Lifetime Subscription & Internet Radio Issue

    I signed up for the trial only to find out I would only get the 32KB stream. Well how do you check out if you want 128KB service by trying out the 32KB service. I emailed them to no avail. As a result, I did not sign up for the premium service. I want to hear it first at 128KB before signing up...
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    More job cuts at Clear Channel

    Let's see they keep cutting personalities so the programming becomes increasingly boring. Then they cut salespeople who sell advertising that helps the station stay afloat. I really have to ask myself what in the F.....K are they doing? Are complete idiots running the ClearChannel company...
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    Rush Limbaugh off the air in Erie, PA

    A talk show host with the largest listener audience in America is hardly too right for many Americans else he would not have all these listeners.
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    Slacker -vs- Pandora -vs-

    I like Pandora. Easy, great music selection.