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    SL2: ZAP OS New Logos/Backgrounds {Released 3/9/09}

    I agree. I wish I could just leave it on a channel without getting a inactivity timeout message
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    Inactivity time out stiletto 2 internet radio

    I too get in inactivity timeout after more than hour
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    new SL2 wont connect to wifi?

    How do I do that? Never mind I finally got it working by doing just that. Thanks
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    Sirius XM Hits 1

    They do have the Village, according to my SL2. Ch. 808 (Sirius Internet Radio, of course)
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    XM 136 -- Now PRX, Public Radio Exchange

    This is all I'm I've been listening mostly through on my SL2 through Internet Radio. Although, I too, wish to find a schedule for this is as I can't find it anywhere. I wish they would add this on the Sirius satellite as this sometimes times out when I'm listening on my SL2
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    The mirge reciver is avaliable for purchase

    Same here, which is a Stiletto 2 in my case
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    SL2: ZAP OS New Logos/Backgrounds {Released 3/9/09}

    I just turned mine on today and I too was listening via wi-fi then after I turned it off and back on (There is a Sirius logo and dots at the bottom and had to wait till they all lit up and very suprised to find all the logos updated. Its about time! ;)
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    Is This The End?

    I sure hope it isn't the end but if it is (I hope if Echostar does buy Sirius XM they won't turn it to something else; why would they do that to 19-20 million subs?; I'm dying to know what their intentions are) I have the ipod touch, which I would love more if the apps would stop crashing)
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    Slacker -vs- Pandora -vs-

    I like both last. fm and Pandora but both have its flaws. On my ipod touch, which I asoutely love since getting it for Christmas and finally figuring out how to detect my wireless network on it, sometimes crashes. As for Pandora, which currently I'm using on my ipod touch, you can...
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    Sirius' sudden love for Sporting News Radio

    I wish they didn't have sports play by play and Sirius Fight Club on there otherwise it would be 24/7. Its no big deal since I get it from other sources (Internet, my ipod touch, which I got for Christmas)
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    Will Sirius XM go bankrupt in 09

    I sure hope not. If its bankrupt, hopefully it would be Chapter 11
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    Confused about the merger and channels

    I agree. I'm also keeping it for Sporting News Radio
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    The Complete SIRIUS Schedule

    I am too, except they sometimes interrupt it for play by play. I' also glad to have Hardcore Sports Radio, now that I have a Stiletto 2 that can get all of the canadian channels
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    Talk channels next to merge?

    I hope Fox Sports Radio would be on Sirius but Hardcore Sports Radio (now that I have a Stiletto 2 that picks up all of the canadian channels) and finally a full time feed (although I wish they wouldn't put play by play and Sirius Fight Club on it) Sporting News Radio make up for it, in my...
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    The Day the Music MIGHT Die

    I sure hope he's wrong.