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    Best Streaming Music Services 2011

    Slacker works for me.... with my Samsung epic running Android 4.03 (ICS) all I do is get in the car.....turn it on......put the phone in the dock and the phone auto turns on blue tooth, pairs to my radio launches slacker and slacker plays the last station that was playing when the app was...
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    Have a JVC Sirius Tuning adapter and a Pioneer head unit... any solution?

    Hey there, I had a JVC headunit, bought a sirius adapter off of ebay....and it must have a lifetime sub. because it just keeps working. The deal is I've now got another car that I drive daily that has a Double Din Pioneer head unit in it. I know the simple answer is "buy a Pioneer tuner and...
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    $356/year for 2 radios now?

    You know what's hilarious about this topic? I have had about 7 sirius radios. Out of those 7, 2 of them remain activated......and I haven't paid for sat radio in years. One of them is in a car that I hardly drive..... and I can't move the radio to my daily driver. One of them I gave to...
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    Penthouse chick hot????/ Seriously??

    I think if you put my ass next to hers.......mine might just be a bit more firm!! Grosssss:mad:
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    SFN closed.

    Mutt said on Facebook that it's just down for the upgrade.
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    Live reads.

    What are these commercials you speak of? :)
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    I don't understand why people would ever think that having something running inside is ok. I felt bad for my generator, but I had it running outside IN THE SNOW all farking night. Guess what, it was fine the next morning, covered insnow, but fine.
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    Good, they'll get here just in time for all the work to be done!
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    Next time I'll be all set. This time I had the generator running: TV Internet Fridge Electric space heater power to charge anything I needed Lights Next time I'll be set with: Power to the oil burner for heat A hotplate I ordered from Amazon A toaster oven. It'll be just like normal...
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    Whoever said Robin is huge....... you're spot on!

    she tweeted this..
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    I said "once I buy a generator I won't need it" I've needed it 3 times in 12 months!! 4 or 5 days each. So of course Now that I paid a guy to come hook it up......power comes back today!
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    Ok, paid an electrician to come over for a quick and dirty fix for the boiler, looks real hack job like but it works for now. Much better now.
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    it was 48 last night in my bed room!! Genny ran out of gas about 2am. Electrician is coming out today and putting in a transfer switch to power the whole house off of it. Let their be heat!!
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    I want my powerrr!!!

    Damn I know how Wendy was feeling. 48 hours with no power and this SUCKS!