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    What's The Oldest Radio You Still Have Active ?

    SRP2002, the never-released first plug-and-play, given to me for testing by the manufacturer
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    "We've got to take out some countries."

    Howard's rote pro-Zionism is at the heart of all that talk. What was additionally sickening was to listen to their commentary about how great they had performed on that day after the listener had heard the idiocy you quoted. What self-serving nonsense. He has gradually become more enlightened...
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    Aubrey Huff traded...

    Bengie Molina, will get a ring and possibly a part of the winner's share
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    Helen Thomas retires as Howard hoped she would

    I agree, she is actually by saying that they should go "back to where they came from" saying that the Jewish people have no more right to Israel than they do anywhere else. The Jews made Europe their home much longer than there was ever a Jewish state or kingdom in Palestine. Those peoples who...
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    Looks like the people over at Foxxhole are trying to get something going

    For these Foxxhole amateurs to be attacking Howard and Robin in their lame unfunny, clichéed (Robin is a "house negro", Howard is irrelevant and looks like a stork-wow-how original!) way, when on the show these two people and others on the Stern show have attacked each other in better funnier...
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    Ned's 12 Inch Meaty Mandingo

    The stupid lameness of the bit from their morning show was only exceeded by how sad it was, with all the veiled references and cheezy double entedres. It points up what is missing having to use that sophomoric shit to fill air time on terrestrial radio instead of the raunchy crude and goddamn...
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    Pocket Tunes (Record SIRIUS XM on your iPhone/iPod Touch)

    I am rushing home now to get Pocket Tunes updated on my 1st gen iPod Touch also. But how can they require disablement if the program simply records streaming WMA, AAC, and whatever else they mention? if you can't access the recorded content as files, what's the big deal?
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    Liberty Buying Worldspace and combining it with SiriusXM? Rumor.

    Worldspace moved a satellite that was to cover South America to Europe. It was to better cover northern Europe, since their African satellite covered southern Europe pretty well. They cover Africa and Southeast Asia, but not Australia. I have a unit I have taken to Europe and Asia. But other...
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    WTD 2009 Week 13 - Symphony Hall

    This is one reason I have Sirius. Classical music is impossible to obtain outside big cities, except for brief programming on public radio. The classical of XM was always better, with many "live" concerts and special events presented. That is gone. It is more canned and they seem to have shorter...
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    Sirius XM iPhone app doing quite well...

    Sirius/XM charged more money for that. I am guessing they left Howard Stern off the new app because don't want to cannibalize sales of the radios by diverting a major reason for getting Sirius/XM to the iPhone platform. Once Howard gets a piece of the action for being broadcast on 3G and...
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    Sirius XM iPhone App Now Live

    Howard is no longer the king of ALL media He has abdicated two ever-popular (internet) and rapidly growing (3G phone, etc., networks) media. The king is dead. This app was a possible vehicle for increasing subs, but they tossed that aside, for who knows what reason. Everyone has access free...
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    Sirius in a Prius

    The 2010 Prius we looked at a couple of weeks ago had a factory XM unit in it. With a Best of Sirius added to it, you'd have the best of both worlds and the cleanest of installs.
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    Sirius XM iPhone App Now Live

    They left out the Howard channels? Unbelievable, especially since he himself had been extolling a Sirius iPhone app!
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    SIRIUS XM gains only 83,000 new subs in 4th quarter 08

    maybe a good number of people had both XM and Sirius units, as I did and then after the merger, cancelled the redundant units. I kept my Sirius receivers, kept one XM unit, adding best of Sirius to it and cancelled two XM units.
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    Delphi SA10116 Indoor XM Signal Repeater

    I have two XM repeaters, incl. one at work which sends the signal from a south-facing window halfway through my building to an Inno which is hooked up to something called an Audiocast transmitter, which sends the signal another 100 ft to an Audiocast receiver in my office. My second XM repeater...