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    What radios us strong FM

    Thats right!!! I sold my Stilletto after my first S50 died on me and went on EBAY and bought 2 S50's. One in my car and 1 as a reserve. Granted they are older S50's so they dont have the fancy shmancy display that the newer ones have but i love having the stronger FM transmitter and i dont...
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    Sirius Micro-Dot antennas failing

    Well it's that time again. My new Micro Dot Sirius Antenna is starting to fail. These are the last ones i bought in bulk awhile ago so now i am looking for a new antenna for my S50. Before i became aware of this site and it's alternatives, i bought like 2 or 3 extra's to have on hand. I'm anal...
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    Sirius Micro-Dot antennas failing

    First off i am so glad i found this site.... Secondly i agree wholeheartedly the microdot antennas just plain BLOW!! I have 2 S50's. And since December 2005 have gone through 3 antenna's on my radio and 2 on my girlfriends S50 since December 2006 The guy who opened his up...I was shocked...