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    The Normalization Of Relations With Cuba

    I liked when Ozzie & his son Jack went to Cuba on the History channel
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    Miscellaneous News Thread

    Crazy clowns are everywhere. Scary....
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    25 Worst Original Band Names

    All of these awesome bands couldn't come up will a good band name first.
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    Who Did It Best? Vol. 14 - Proud Mary

    This one is the hardest one. I love both....
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    Who Did It Best? - Vol 16 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

    A friend many years ago got me to love the band.
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    Ios 10

    I love my IPad Pro
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    Iphone 7

    Why do they have black & jet black....
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    Fast Food Chains To Conquer America

    I just had a smashburger & it was good. But I love, love, IN-N-out burger.
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    Pardon me, but do you have the time?

    I wear a Casio solar watch
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    Who Did It Best Vol. 12 (i'm A Believer)

    Everyone loves the Monkees
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    The Official Olympic Thread

    Gosh it was a long time when it was in GA. It was good....
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    Who Did It Best? Vol. 9 (landslide)

    Great song. I like all 3. Fleet wood Mac is the best.