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    David Poole - 2 years ago today

    Dig it up and start over!!
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    Semipenguin with the hookup

    I made my first trip to Martinsville and had a blast. Stayed up near Roanoke, and it took me an hour & half to get to the track and parked. I didn't hang out after the checkers, headed to the car and by 6 was rolling. Can't wait to go back next year.
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    Semipenguin with the hookup

    Haven't been able to make a race all year, but hoping to get to Martinsville, since i've never been there. It's about 10hr drive from home and might have to make it myself. We shall see.
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    David Poole - 2 years ago today

    It's one of those I'll never forget either.
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    Danica Tour 2010/2011/2012/2013

    By the number of caution flags on Sunday, I'd say that lots of people need that kind of practice.
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    Fourth Annual Stewie Awards live on SIRIUS

    Why does it have to be Yocum? That alone keeps me from wanting to listen.
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    128's Hands are Tied

    I wouldn't want to be a host on 128 come Monday morning...regardless of the outcome of Sunday's race: If Hamlin wins, the Toyota-haters will jam the lines If Johnson wins, the Jimmie-bashers will be out in full force. If Harvick wins, those folks who can't give it up will be calling about...
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    Appeal denied.

    I don't understand why so many of the 128 listeners feel so sorry for Childress. I don't recall such an outpouring when the 2-4-8 cars failed inspection due to body massaging at Sonoma a couple years ago.
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    Has everyone moved on?

    Been a long time between postings, and I wondered if everyone has moved to another forum.
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    Hall of Fame attendance fall short of estimates

    I'm "hoping" to get to North Carolina over Labor Day weekend. If I can get the work schedules arranged, drive out there on Thursday, spend Friday touring a few race shops, Saturday at the HOF the back to Indiana on Sunday.
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    Hall of Fame attendance fall short of estimates

    If you believe Choc, it is wall to wall people every day.
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    let the guessing game begin

    That might put the banquet on Thanksgiving weekend. May not be such a good idea.
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    Eli Gold:Nascar Overexposed

    I have long thought that Eli himself is overexposed. His voice has such a high and mighty tone to it, I can't bear to listen to him as a broadcaster. However, I do enjoy it when he gets together with Bagley on TMD and they just tell stories on one another.
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    larry mac and his mouth

    This may be the lamest thread ever on this forum. It is even lamer than the I Hate CBL threads.
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    let the guessing game begin

    Take one from Pocono or Michigan.