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    Did you dribble when you dabbled? I don't much give a crap whether it's easy for them, my job isn't always easy for me, but if I don't produce, I get replaced. Some of these guys aren't producing so it's time to replace them.
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    I stopped listening to TMD a short while back, I stopped listening to the Chocolate show even before that. I really enjoy Moody's show during the first 1/2 hour when the important news etc. gets discussed and during any interviews he has with drivers, track owners, etc. Other than that, I have...
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    Thank You Nascar

    Yeah, let the drivers whine! Fortunately, NASCAR pays more attention to the fans wants than to the drivers', otherwise, we wouldn't have The big tracks, the short tracks or the road courses, all races would be run at Charlotte. NASCAR has a nice way of saying "shut up and drive" when the drivers...
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    The Mayfield Debacle

    C'mon, man, get a clue! That ain't Mayfield's CC, that's Chocolate Myers right after someone argued that Kyle Busch was just like Dale Earnhardt used to be!
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    The Mayfield Debacle

    That was their original plan. Mayfield sued and the judge decided that if he wanted a hard card, they'd have to provide him with one.
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    Why NASCAR should retire the #3

    That's true, I think he was very special and I haven't followed any other driver since like I followed him. But, I think retiring numbers is wrong and foolish. I think Kevin Harvick should have jumped into the 3 and gone on to win with it at Atlanta. We'd already lost a great driver, why lose...
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    The Mayfield Debacle

    Yes he is passionate! So passionate, in fact, that the whole issue is blurred to him. He's arguing with people who are questioning NASCAR and, at the same time, he is questioning the Judge. Now this Judge isn't good enough for him because he doesn't know if the judge has ever been to a NASCAR...
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    The Mayfield Debacle

    Chocolate! Now, listen! uh,uh,uh,uh,uh b-b-b-b-b-by the way, now by the way! now let me tell you! NASCAR, and, b-b-b-by the way, we're talkin 'bout NASCAR here, a sport that I love, and, by the way, have you got a friggin opinion on this whole thing, or did I just fall asleep before you got to...
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    Pick Which NASCAR Show for Talk The Dog Next Week

    How could anyone not like Suzy? That's just crazy! Seriously though, make sure it isn't Chocolate Myers or that Nixon bozo and you'll be good.
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    Is It To Early To Ask?

    And it's easy to understand why!
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    SOURCES: Meth Triggered Positive Test!

    Naa, Bob Dilner has frigged up more breaking stories in the past 5 years than anyone in the history of journalism and they keep giving him a microphone. I swear, he must have something big on someone!
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    Waltrip closer to driving only part-time in 2010

    Check the stats, Bill Elliott, David Gilliland, Brad Keslowski, Boris Said, Scott Pruitt, and others have all had real good runs in the past 2 seasons.
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    Waltrip closer to driving only part-time in 2010

    "I'm so done with part-time drivers. Drive, or do not drive. There should not be any part-time." Why would you give a crap if some drivers don't want to run the whole schedule? That's as stupid as locking in 43 drivers and not letting any others try to qualify. With that plan, Brad Keslowski...
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    Pistone, Cmon Dude

    Don't make anything permanent too quickly! Poole was the spice to the show and, so far, no one has been able to add that spice. Please keep looking! There must be someone out there. So far, since we lost the Bagley and Poole show, it's seemed like the Bagley and Bagley show, no matter who the...
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    I'd like an opinion on this

    The question is, though, will you support the track out of desire or a feeling that it's your duty to do so, so that they will survive and continue to be a feeder service to NASCAR.