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    Covering Up My Siriusxm Antenna

    I just bought a new Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS and a SXM300v1 tuner I was thinking about covering up the SXM antenna with this shark fin antenna. My truck is a silver Ford Ranger. I'm afraid the silver paint on the antenna might be too metallic for a good signal through the plastic. Has anyone tried...
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    SiriusXM on demand broken?

    Thanks for the replies. Working again for me now.
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    SiriusXM on demand broken?

    The last couple of days I haven't been able to listen to anything on demand on my Android Nexus 7 tablet. I've restarted the tablet a few times, updated to the latest version of the app, everything I can think of. But I can only listen to live streams. When I select an on demand show it goes...
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    Artie Cancels Stand-Up Appearance in Boston

    I've seen a little bit of that show and I don't doubt he's nodding off. So was I. It's completely unwatchable.
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    Sirius XM app - notifications

    Totally agree. I set an alert for when John Madden's show on the NFL network. Works great if I'm in the app already listening to something else, but an alert outside of the app would be icing on the cake.
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    SiriusXM app for Windows Phone 8?

    At a minimum, SjriusXM should look at ditching the reliance on Flash. It's a resource hog and has no mobile support. But yes, Windows Phone users realize they're a very small segment of the user base but a dedicated app would be appreciated. The iPhone app may be the best designed app I've ever...
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    SiriusXM app for Windows Phone 8?

    Thanks. Kind of a long story on that name. I used to be heavy into BBS's back in the 80's. I was always a Batman fan so my handle was, of course, Batman. Once the Michael Keaton movie came out though, everybody and their brother was Batman. So I tried to come up with something that was unique...
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    SiriusXM app for Windows Phone 8?

    I've been a Sirius subscriber since about May 2005. I've had 3 subs for most of those years - one for my truck, one for my wife's car and a Stiletto at home. Recently the Stiletto's volume button broke so I figured it was time to ditch the Stiletto, get the iPhone app and subscribe to the...
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    DirecTV ditched SiriusXM

    Well, fiddlesticks. I have 3 Sirius subs and also listen in the house via DirecTV. I just turned to channel 830 - which should be The Boneyard only to find that they've ditched SiriusXM from the music channels. Seems odd considering Liberty Media bailed Sirius out last year. Anybody know...
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    Slacker on sale at Amazon...maybe?

    Just looking through Amazon's gold box...the hint for the upcoming deal is: Upcoming Deal Internet radio at your fingertips. Deal starts in: 03:33:55 Starts at Noon PDT. That sounds like a deal on a slacker player to me.
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    Mandatory Metallica Channel?

    This sucks. I'm a big Metallica fan. I got turned onto them when I picked up the "Ride the Lightning" cassette tape and I've been listening to them ever since. But this is ridiculous. Their catalog isn't deep enough for this and we'll be without a metal channel all the while.
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    Charlie Ergen making a move for Sirius XM

    I don't believe Sirius XM has been very genuine with regards to the conditions that were set forth by the FCC for their merger. The raising of rates for multi-subs and online listening were a loophole they exploited and the FCC knows it. And I think that will bear heavily in the FCC's...
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    Stiletto 2 / SL2 Help Thread for DRC Members

    I bought my wife a Stiletto 2 for Christmas 2007. So it's just over 1 year old. We've used it probably 4 or 5 nights a week to listen to Howard replays on battery. So, in short, we've used it a lot. Over the last few weeks the unit has been acting very flaky. If I pause it, it goes into...
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    New show coming??

    I can't imagine anyone getting paid for a new show right now. The stock price is completely in the toilet right now (11 cents) and satellite radio is in a very bad place right now. I'm afraid SiriusXM won't last past Howard's contract.
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    Artie Refused To Take Drug Test.

    Anyone that has read Artie's book can see the writing on the wall. He's not done with his love affair with drugs. I think it was smart of Howard to realize that and throw the bet out the window. I agree with Richard Lewis and everyone else that has had a say in the matter - he has dodged...